Learn how to say NO

The key to happiness is in rejection. Protect your area and your circles. If we will let anybody to enter into our life, then we will have to recycle bin.

Human nature is not delicious as sugar cake. People are of all kind, stalkers, pests, desperate losers, maniacs, fools. If we will be available for all, what is left for us? A good example is a person who will always let anyone poke nose, who will do the job for others without complaining. One day such person can sit on toilet and pee with a cell phone in her hands, just to please to all wishes.

Probably you have a boring neighbor who drinks coffee for hours and always have a bunch of gossips for you. Or your phone rings all the time because your mad boss wants that you work overtime. Maybe your best friend again broke up with boyfriend and you must listen to her tragedy, version number 100.

Some situations when is necessary to say no:

A phone call in the early morning. It is not emergency, you are not obligated to answer.

A phone call in the late night. If your flat is not burning, probably is a maniac.

Beggars who ask coins every time you pass in front of him.

Your colleague who asks to stay instead of him after work. If that is the third time, say no.

Your ex who wish reunion with you. How many times did he say he will change?

Your neighbor who wants that you lend him vacuum cleaner, again.


If you have such attitude to say no, you will get the attention of people which you want in your life. They will really feel special. Happiness is as a virgin, I imagine happiness as an innocent woman who saves herself for someone special. In that way, she is aware of others.

Saying no to wrong people will be yes to right people. Also, if anyone screws his chance, send him to hell. Trust is a lottery, giving trust means benefits, and if a person is not worthy of your trust, then is time to let go. Just don’t let fear from an unknown stand in your way.You may live in safe harbor, but if you sail around, you will see many beautiful places. Do not afraid to lose sight of your safe coast, because in this way you will save your time.


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