Two sides of beauty


Pretty face is a gift. You can use it for good or bad purpose. When you are good looking, you have some benefits which other don’t have.

You can get advantages at work , you will have better choice in love, you will be invited on parties, and many door will be opened to you.

On other hand beauty will bring you unpleasant moments, as maniacs or stalkers which don’t understand word no, and eternal followers jealousy or envy. 

When you look better than your partner, it is possible that he will be more jealous on you. Beauty attract many followers and your partner might have feeling that he is not enough for you. If your partner is better looking, you could be jealous, insecure and frustrated. 

Your view about beauty also depends of your level of maturity. If you are adult, mature person and you know what you and your partner have together, even Miss and Mister World will not separate you.


How you wear beautiful face and beautiful body?


If you are sexy and beautiful, but egoistic and pretentious bitch, bad label will be on you anywhere you go. Especially if you don’t show any other qualities than good fashion style. Your relations will not last long and your circle of friends will be very small. At work you can get fired because of bad behavior.

If you wear your beauty as crown and  you shine on a good way, then many opportunities will open to you. You might help your less attractive friends to catch their match. If you have popular circle, you can use it to help insecure friends or those who had no luck with relations.


Sandy was very sexy and she was almost copy of Julia Roberts. She was popular and only sexy girls were her friends. Even she did many pranks toward poor girls in her class, just for laugh. After few affairs with some deviant guys she became subject of gossips and guys started to treat her as toy. With time, her beauty was not survived. She became too slim , and she lost good shape. And her style was old fashioned, so she drown in the crowd of similar girls. Even her ex boyfriend hardly recognized her. Today she tries to impress people by posting many selfies at social network, but her audience is not big as she wanted.


On other hand, Sally was sweet girl from neighbor, but she was unnoticed. Then she met Roger and all turned around. She started to wear short skirts, tight shirts and dress, and together with her smile she became irresistible. Today she has over 30 years and she is still attractive, but she is boss on her workplace and her authority is familiar.  She did not use her beauty as weapon to humiliate others.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.  Just, we are responsible for the view. When we fall in love, owner of our heart will be the most beautiful creature on this Earth. You will not care what other people say about your beloved partner because it is manifestation of your choice.


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