How you accept personal defeat?


Life will give us some bitter lessons, and one of them is personal defeat. Suddenly, life said NO to your dreams. You can’t get your sweetheart, you are rejected on job interview or your friend betrayed you? 

How much we suffer because of defeat? What happens when life start to kick us and when we are down on knees? Anyone of you had at least few times blackouts, when all boats were drown, and everything important lost meaning. Defeat is the darkest forest and we are powerless when we get lost between trees.

Some people are not ready for defeat, because they think they are exception and that life will award them, because they got benefits. 

The biggest misleads about winners:

Name will make me famous. 

My father is businessman , politician, actor, so i will be privileged too.

I never lose, because i am born as winner. 

Even if all in your life was smooth until now, obstacles will find you.

That happens to others, but not to me. 

I am on the top of the world so i will stay there because this is my place.

I am used to win, and it can’t be different.


Winners could be spoiled people, who are used to win always. They sleep on their past victories and forget about possible defeat. They believe that high forces are protecting them.


Helen was an excellent student and her father was teacher at university. She was tall, pretty and ambitious. That perfect girl could not pass an exam from civil law, because professor was not impressed with her name and image. She repeated that exam four times, every time she was in tears and almost broken, because that never had happened before. When she finally got good mark, she was so proud. Nothing had bigger value for her.

How we handle defeat, it depends about our character. 

If you give up, cry or even think about suicide, you are immature. 

If you continue with your mission even everyone laugh to you, you are ready for fight and sooner or later victory is yours.

If you face it with impossible mission and accept that is over, the only thing you can do is look forward.

Real picture of defeat and victory is in our heads. You will win if you work on it, but it doesn’t happen as default. Nothing is for granted, and you are not better than others. 

Winners are not those who represent themselves as powerful before they reach their aim. Winners are those who show final results, because only that is count.


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