Why is important what people think of you?


I don’t care what people think of me. That is usual statement when someone wish to push rebellion at first plan. This is typical for teenage ages, when first signs of resistance start and when mother became boring bitch, and father annoying bastard. If you want to be respected in your peer’s circle, first you will stand opposite toward your parents, even they are the nicest people at world. This is your gesture to show you don’t care, as your first effort in the process of growing and maturity.

This statement is not correct totally. Of course, i care what people think of me, but i am not bonded with their advices or opinions. I care what will my parents say, my sister, my husband, my friends. I care what will my colleague think in my business circle.

The right approach is not to show teeth to whole society. It is not important what you say if you say on right way.

This skill i was learning by years. When my boss first time said that i was quiet person, i was rude just to show her an opposite. Today, i am assertive. I choose my ways and no need to justify for this.


When is really important what people think of you?

When you need favors from them. Don’t cut the tree you are sitting.

When you gain friendship with them for years. You will not have the same standards toward some passenger in your life and your long lasting friend.

When you are dependable of them. Your boss could fire you, for example.

When you need them to progress. You need promotion, so don’t bite hand from where you eat.

I don’t wish to say that you might use toady approach. Your pride will not die and you will keep your dignity if you are smart. Stand on ball and take a deep breath. Yes, sometimes we swallow shits. Well,we do it for purpose. I was biting my lips when i have to apologize for something what was not my guilt at work, but later it was useful to me. I made a seed of guilt. My boss felt guilty because she was yelling at me and she gave me some benefits later.

You call it manipulation? Life is full of lies, negotiations and games hide and seek. If you think that you can run and push people like figures, you are naive. People are vindictive when you stand on their foot. That is why is important what people think of you, because you need to be step forward, to study every rival, every future cooperator, even your spouse. Everyone has price and you need to know which one .


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