Every breath you take

You can’t hide real love no matter how much you try, because signs will reveal your secret. Also, you can’t pretend that you love someone if you don’t feel it, because sooner or later heart will expose your intentions.

When the friend asked me how she will know that somebody loves her, I said that she must follow signs. 

Which are signs that somebody has the crush on you?

He follows every your step and he talks much in your presence, just to be noticed by you.

He will tease you just to pay attention to him.

He will listen to you even you talk without sense because words came out from your mouth.

He will laugh at your stupid jokes.

If something is not alright with you, he will ask you what happened.

He is jealous of his competition, no matter are they your ex-boyfriends or friends.

He wants to be in the same friend circle where are you, to make his approach easier.

Women will often make mistakes about words I love you. Such words are not proof of love if actions can’t support them. 

The most often misleads about love signs are next:

He said I am the love of his life. Bullshit, especially if he says this at the start of the relation. This is the too serious statement for someone who just met you.

He said bad words to my ex-boyfriend. He broke nose to my friend. It’s because he loves me.

Violence and bad manners are not signs of love. That are signs of insecurity.

He talked bad and dirty about his ex-girlfriend. It must be love.

If he talked nasty things about his ex-girlfriends, you will be next topic. Next whore, slut or bimbo will be you.

He buys me so many things, and he doesn’t let me pay his drinks or tickets to cinema and club.

When someone tries to buy your affection, he wants to mark his territory. Later he will not let you go out without him, in the dress which he bought for you.

He said that I am the best woman he had in his bed.

Sex is not measured by love, because be sure he said to other girls before you, the same things.

He confirms everything that I say.

That is only signed that he has no attitude.

Couples in love will be noticed, at first sight, even they are not kissing and hold their hands every time you see them

Harmony is like a sun, it simply glows. Pamela and Sam often finished their sentences, they have common interests and they help each other with problems. They are not kissing in publicity like crazy, but when Pamela broke the leg, Sam was every day in the market to buy food and make lunch for her. 

Theresa and Ted were working in the same office and they had debates all the time. They were always on opposite sides. But one day someone saw them after work, they were kissing in the coffee bar. 

On other hands, Leonard and Rhoda were in long relation, but they were always quiet and formal. So after few years, they separated. Leonard prepared this end for a long time, but he did not want to hurt her, even everybody knew that something is not alright. His eyes were always somewhere else, and Rhoda was alone in this relation. 

So, if you not sure if somebody returns his feelings to you, look at his eyes and you will find an answer. Men world is maybe cruel because if he did not choose you, he can be rough. You will know that you are not this one, and don’t try to push him because you will cause disaster. At least, elimination of one choice always leads to others. 

As Stings sing: “Every step you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.”


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