How we work on our promises?

Promises are kind of obligations. If you gave your word, it means you owe to someone. You are debtor because you said you will do this. If you promise something to yourself, don’t disappoint your principles.

It is not necessary to change our aims to realize promises. We need to change pattern which brings us failure. If we had same solutions for same problems, we will not go so far. Some things have tail, we drag this as burden year by year.

Usual promises at the beginning of  year are:

I will break this relation because this is not for me.

I will lose 10 kilograms.

I will find new job.

I will find new love.

I will travel on places i never was before.

Yes, we all have drafts. How it should look like. Some wishes are realised last year, and if situation is like these, this is success. There is no regret for something what happened. Look forward for anything new because our path is changing .

There is no big change without big cuts. If woman wants new man in her life, she must leave her previous partner. This is very hard and it takes lot of pain. No pain, no gain. If you have chance for a new job, you must leave previous job. 

Cuts are as surgery. You don’t know will you wake up, or you will stay dead. There is something worse, that you stay on one place forever. This is frozen image, when you are not able to move and you can’t do step forward.

Legend says, how you start New year, it will be pattern for 365 days next. If you cry in midnight, probably you will be sad. Before 2 years someone stole my coat in wardrobe. I was losing money and things later, like i opened box with negative energy. Probably because i had fear it will happen. 


When first month of year gone, we think what we did for a start.

What can motivate us?

Pay old bills to avoid court.

Clean flat , maybe you find something lost a long time ago.

Say sorry to your friend if you did something wrong.

Visit place you planned to visit before few years.

One important thing is : how you manage to hold your promises to yourself, the same will be with others. If you promise you will go on diet and you still stuck between candies, this is personal failure. How you will make things for others, when you can’t trust to yourself?

I love to hold on something what i did without help of others. This is what i like, to prove myself that i can do it, as independent person. When i was schoolgirl, having bad mark was challenge for me. I was fixing that to break obstacle. That was my challenge and i won. The same attitude i have in life. I can really mess up things, but i will do it better because my will order me to do it. 

What is necessary to realize your promises?

Strong attitude.

Patience. It means you work on yourself and you are aware of your weakness.

Avoiding bad influences and temptation which can drag you from your purposes. If you say you will not drink, don’t go with people who drink often.

Hope. You believe that you can do it and positive approach is your inner voice.


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