Casanova with broken heart


Nobody has an immunity from Cupid arrows. Love can hit as tornado and we are ready to do things which we did not think we will ever do. This complete perception about love is suddenly changed.

When guy is changing girls faster than socks, he is playboy. This is kind of sport between four walls and under the sheets. Famous playboy Warren Beaty was bragging about huge number of his sexual partners until Anette Bening caught him and bonded him for a lifetime. Before that, he broke many hearts.

Many women dream how to change playboy, to be his last station. Women believe they can change promiscuous man in a way that they offer them something he could not reject. They forget that is not easy to surprise playboy. He saw  and experienced this before, and women are all the same , they are only numbers. All this happens until something in his life change his perception.


Matthew was big spender of women. He did not remember their names, he was in unpleasant situations because he used to have sex even with two girls in one night. Simply, he would drive home one girl, then they would return to night club to pick up others, like fruit on some trees. He was target of bad rumors, but he did not care. All until he met Sally. After she broke up with her, the same as with others, she called him to give him info, that she has AIDS. He was scared to death, and 3 days he waited for his test results were the biggest punishment to him. He could not eat, walk or sleep, he imagined himself in big coffin already. Lucky, his test was negative on AIDS and he could relax. This bitter experience made him more careful, and after few months he found women for marriage. Life taught him lesson and he changed perception.

Some playboys will learn, some will not, they will do the same mistakes until they can. As life is passing by, they will have less and less opportunities for seducing. If man is handsome, but if he has  nothing besides sweet face, women will give up from him with time. Playboy who is 60 years old? If he is Bernie Ecclestone or Hugh Hefner his wallet would be desirable, but they are minority. Average playboy in small city is just retired man without wife, with fragile health and maybe without health insurance. Who will take care for him when he could not get up from his bed?

Playboy can be also guy with broken heart. This heart is stabbed with arrow, but not with Cupid arrow. This is lesson from life because he was winning too long in this game. Now he got paycheck.


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