When people show true colors


When will people show true colors, when masks fall down? Everything is great until you have harmony in relations, no matter is this love or friendship. Until you support and confirm other opinions, until you stay away from discussions, you are peaceful. On this way you feed other ego, you are not competition and there is no reason for envy or jealousy. 

Once when you have conflict with someone, things are changed. Suddenly you see real face from your friend or lover. Then you can see how indeed that person respects you and what he/she really thinks.

Denials and rejections are not easy. It can be very painful, unless you are professional person who offer some products to customers, and they deny and refuse to buy. That is normal that you will say no to Jehova’s witness who rings on your door, to people who are hired to sell brochures because they can be indeed boring. But they will not cry if you deny them, because it is their reality. Someone will say yes, someone no, and they accepted this as business.

But things are different in real life. Only mature person can accept rejections from others. 

What normal person can do in a case to hear word no ?

go forward with their life

– don’t look back to person who rejected you

– never gossip, threat, revenge, because people have a choice

– open door to new opportunities


If you are yelling, gossiping and spreading hate toward person who rejected you, you show your weak, unhealthy character. When you try to ruin someone reputation from personal reasons, this is double sword. People are not stupid. People will recognize quality even you try to spit on every corner, and your judgement will sound as describe of your character. Many famous people were stalked, gossiped, and they have a lot of haters. But even negative advertising is good marketing.

Steal erotic video of some couple and you will make damage, but people will talk about that and they will got attention, even way to make money. How Kim Kardashian became famous? Through gossips .

People asks for excitement, for arena, for hunger games. If you try to make someone miserable in other eyes, probably miserable and lame person will be you. 

Besides, slander is criminal act. You want to pay big money because you had moment of weakness when you said or wrote something abusive?

True colors came out through fights. Yesterday friend, today enemy. Yesterday lover, today hater.

The biggest favor which such person can do is to continue with life without bitterness. Stop useless war and turn on to areas where you are successful. Or you want to be remembered as violent person without character?


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