Fake solidarity – why i will not support some women?


He doesn’t respect me. I wish to kill him.  When woman doesn’t succeed in her intention to get man, she will first talk about respect. As respect is not blind alley, it is not enough that you ask respect, you must give something to be respected.

Recently i got unpleasant message in my inbox. Unknown woman warned me on my dear virtual friend. She said nasty things about him.  My first reaction was rage. I hate when unknown people, especially women, write to me. I hate filtered messages, because i know they have no good intentions. In many cases these are perverts or weirdos, or just jealous people who have nothing to do. So, that woman is from Russia, married or divorced, mother of one daughter. She pretend as angel of solidarity, to warn me on man.

Next things i found out about her (from my other sources) is that she offers money for sex with strangers. She likes kind of sex tourism. Wow. So, when i talked with my friend, he told me that she called him on Skype and shown to him naked body. Then she offered him to spend holidays together. After he said no, she started to spread lies about him.

So, when i said to her not to bother me, because i don’t know her, and also i don’t want to hear lies about my friends, no matter real or virtual, she changed her tone. She said that i am enormous kind of bitch. I said her to pay for sex as she used to. And blocked her.

Not every woman deserve respect. It is not because we are not all equal. It is because of their actions. How i can show solidarity with such woman, who attack people around , just to make revenge?

I will never blame a man who used opportunity. If woman offers him sex , no matter real or virtual, and he accepts, he is not obligated on relation or any obligation. She offered herself, so he did not rape her. It is his decision what he will do next. If he says, it was only sex, dear ladies, why to make revenge or gossip him later? You have choice to walk away and ask for a man who wants more from you.

In life of every woman will be wrong men. Those who don’t want you, hurt you or leave you. So, what? I am enough proud to respect their decision or to walk away alone. Revenge is waste of time, and for sure i will not hold a handle to someone who burnt because of own mistakes.

That woman fall right into my trap. She did not say “sorry for disturb”. She started to insult me, because i did not accept her invitation for public crucifix. Personally, if woman offers herself , i don’t see where i should dig respect for her.


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