Intelectuals or just snobs?

Night of museums is big cultural and intellectual event in Croatia. It happens usually in January. Museums are opened from afternoon until 1 hour after midnight and entrance are free. 

During year everyone can visit any museum in Croatia with ticket about 5 Euro. Mostly, there is no crowd and we will see old people or students who need to make homework about exhibitions, or curious tourists who will pass there, searching for an exciting. 

This night was a crowd like in football match at stadiums. Everyone wanted to see Egyptians mummies and sarcophagus in Archeologic museum at Zagreb, also to take a look at coin collection from history time and pictures of famous painters. 

Looking into that crowd, when I was waiting in line to enter, I noticed interesting things around. Young girls were dancing on music from earphones and singing Jason Derulo song “Talk dirty to me”, laughing hard like they just came to the party. The young woman was carrying kind of cradle with the small baby, about 4 months old so any social service would ask her few questions, why she went in a museum with the baby when there is such crowd without fresh air and with limited space. Some parents came with their kids who were running around sculptures so it was the real miracle that nothing was broken.

It makes me think, how many snobs and pseudo-intellectual people went to Night of museum? Who went there only to appear, without real interests for exhibitions?

Some kind of people is upstarts

Once famous Serbian writer Jovan Sterija Popović wrote about the woman from the village. Her name was Fema, she went to a big city and wanted to be the lady with fashion lifestyle, but she became ridiculous as the clown. Her peasant manners were visible even as she tried hard to introduce herself as a lady from a big city.

The same is with so-called intellectuals. What makes person real intellectual? This is not the person who is sitting in the corner of the library with the bunch of big and heavy books, with glasses and in the black coat. This is not the carnival, because at carnival we can wear masks and pretend that we are pirates, monsters or kings, but after this party finish, we will be again ordinary people.

Sometimes, everyone can deceive others with this image. Few words as “Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant”, or “Alea iacta est” can hit dust in other’s eyes. So people will say “Wow, you are so smart and educated.” You can be curious and ask them what does it mean, and who was Caesar? Or you can go the step forward, to ask this person about history and meaning of that quotes.

I can understand that sometimes guys want to impress girls about their education and intellectual and mental skills because this sounds sexy

A guy who knows answers on all questions, wow, he is living dictionary, he knows more than Google. He will put glasses even his sight is very well and start to dig in a library to find the biggest book covered with dust, just to impress some cute women at a library.

What is in the background of this behavior? If you are the real bookworm, you will enjoy in silence. You will not laugh loud to disturb to others, you will not dance in a museum and for sure you will carry for small baby at home or someone will care for your kids until you are on intellectual events. Parents want to make their children educated, but frankly, kids would rather watch Spiderman in the movie or to play with virtual monsters at play stations than to visit a museum. Children will get bored and the result is the big noise, jumping around, looking at a gate, when this event will finish at least. Older people will complain about their behavior even kids do not fault.

The main question about this event is, from which reason people went there, to expose themselves or to learn something about history? No doubts, there were also real intellectuals from educated circles and they enjoyed to expand their knowledge. The others were just passing by, to fill the atmosphere of something that they considered as the good reason to kill their boredom.


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