How to deal with insomnia?

My eyes are still wide open. I try to set up my pillow, how to make myself more comfortable. Too much in my mind right now, those thoughts are boring as flies, they capture my brain so hard that I feel them as iron chains. My eye allergy started, it itches, cause that is connected with insomnia.

I get up and cook tea. Now I must wait few minutes to water boil. Still, this is not enough, I will take medicine.

It is so quiet that I can feel sound of the dark. Darkness will swallow my thoughts.  

Even tea is too hot, I will burn my tongue. I drink short and quick mugs.

That will be forced dream. Yes, I close my eyes, I will drown in that dark now. What I feel, now I am not here. I fall into an abyss. That woman in black try to strangle me, I feel creature from the air on my neck. I woke up and my heart skips a beat.


How to handle the day if you did not sleep? 

Bunch of coffee or energy drinks will not help you, because you will feel like Earth is spinning around and you are still in one place. Energetic drinks are not healthy, it will wake you up temporary. You might work with half energy and when you come home, you will sleep in the same minute.

Enemies of a good sleep:



– pavor nocturnus (night fear)

– insomnia

If you read or exercise before sleep, if you drink coffee or tea you will have the problem with sleeping. 

Pavor nocturnus and nightmare are typical for children, but if you pass through trauma it is possible that you dream your fears and they are hunting you. My usual nightmare was the old woman in black, who was stalking me until I woke up with the scream.

Everyone faced with insomnia at least once. Especially is bad feeling when you need to get up early after you did not sleep the whole night. Working with a headache is not recommended. Accord Murphy’s law, you will get more work if you did not sleep last night.

Try to deal with causes of your insomnia, no matter are they just your pillow, your partner or job. When you discover causes, you will have the peaceful dream.

Some old recipes for insomnia:

– sex with your partner

-masturbation, if you are without the partner

-watching the movie, until you sleep

-walk into another room, open window and breath fresh air

Lack of dream might cause aggression. Imagine the situation if someone yells at you, and the sound of his voice break invisible fence in your brain. You want to fight back so you will be aggressive too. If you are clumsy and nervous, the main reason is also the night before, when you did not sleep. Next night is your opportunity, try to enter into a land of your dreams.


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