After party syndrome

08.02.15 - 1

Holidays are a favorite part of the year because we can relax and forget about control. Sing, dance, and smile, that are only orders. No more boring bosses, annoying teachers, and parents, now is all allowed. We can be clumsy, crazy and out of our mind.

If you can’t relax on holiday, you must be dead inside.

How to get perfect party without alcohol? That magical bubbles in the glass of wine, champagne or beer are our followers on every celebration. Even our perfect boss is drinking, so why we not?

Alcohol is the double sword. We can do things we should not do, it will courage us to expose our love or hate, depends on the situation.

There is more kind of drunkards.
Aggressive – don’t say the wrong word to them, you will cause the big fight
Crybaby – they will remember the sad story from their past and cry under influence of alcohol
Boring fool – they will not give you peace, because alcohol makes them so talkative
Alzheimer drunkard – they don’t remember what they said before half hour so you will listen repeating of the same words
Damage causer – they are dangerous because broken glasses and blurs are here after they left a party
Whatever you are in usual life, with few glasses of awesome wine or other alcohol you will be something else. People who usually have nothing in common will find the common language when they are drunk. Your emotions are high and don’t surprise if you kiss and hug your worst enemy. Also don’t be surprised if the unknown woman slaps you, because alcohol will raise your libido. Don’t touch other butts without permission.
Next problem is the toilet. Be sure you are there on time if you need to pee or puke. Some people get drunk and don’t leave the toilet, they can sleep there until morning. If you are not so lucky you can be embarrassed.  Don’t drink if you are on a bus, because if you are traveling and bus stops every 2 hours you can pee in your panties. You think you can make the old trick to pee in the bottle? Don’t even try.
After the awesome night is an awful morning. A headache, short alcoholic dream about 3 hours, when you woke up you are gloomy and with the hangover. Milk can help you, and the cup of coffee, but the whole day you will have the feeling like someone hit you with the fist in your head.
Look your glamorous face in the mirror. Yesterday queen, today tramp. Bags under eyes, lipstick on your dress, and your hair cry for the hairdresser. Don’t even try to seduce someone, a guy will run away. A smell of alcohol is another part of a story.

Alcohol is tasty poison. That poison has the deadline. You are under the magic formula that night, and in the morning you want to forget all. If you even remember what happened.


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