The infidelity – these 6 causes motivate you to cheat?

Infidelity is a double cross. Once when you admit it to a best friend or someone you trust, you are good material for judging. It is very rare to find the person who will try to understand your reasons. Before that, you will be subject to preaching, fake morality and people will consider your daemon. I am not saying that cheating is something to approve, but before you judge or crucify such person, read between lines.
What are the most often reasons for infidelity?
Lack of passion.
Boredom and a daily routine in long relations and marriage are killers of passion. Instead of a hot kiss, you will look at your bills and dirty laundry.
Your partner is passive and takes you for granted.
Some men stop to work on the relation. Once when they get a paper, the rest is a history and it works by default.
Your partner stares at another woman.
This looks innocent, but in fact is unpleasant. When you are on the street, at the coffee bar you feel embarrassed if your partner looks at another boobs and booty and comment how sexy some women are.
Your partner is never at home.
He is busy with his work, friends, hobbies. 
Your partner thinks that you are fat.
He avoids sexual contact with you.
You went to this marriage accord your interests and financial security.
People will say, why to cheat partner, leave him. Or leave her, if she is not for you. Infidelity is indeed closed circle because the sense of cheating is not another marriage. You want to feel sparks as on the beginning of relation, you want to tremble when your partner is touching you, and when you pass through this, when your lover is in the same position as your husband, you got tired of him too. Maybe even your husband is more interesting after you get bored of a lover.
I don’t justify infidelity and for sure I will not recommend this. I try to understand this, and for sure there are limits between fantasies in your mind and real things. Who did not have fantasies about another person? If we spread word infidelity in every area, masturbating at porno movies will also be infidelity if you have a partner, drinking coffee with a friend will also be kind of cheating if you share with friend something what you can’t say to your partner.
There must be the special bond which connects you with your partner, and the reason why you reject another man even you have desires. Something that you have only with him. And if you judge people who forgive infidelity, would you ruin your whole relation or marriage because of a one-night stand, because your partner mistook?
Infidelity is a matter of personal deal between partners. Only you know how much you can handle. In some countries, infidelity is punished by death penalty. Law decided instead of people and woman who cheats her husband will stay without a head. So there is no much space for thinking. In free countries, women will take a risk. Some will open the internet pages and talk with sexy strangers when the husband is not at home. This is indeed innocent, ask how much women have virtual friends, and ask how much would leave a partner because of internet lover. Not many. Some will say that their trips in unknown areas make their marriage better.
Morality is extended value if you look from another angle. Your friend will maybe judge you, but inside her mind is envy because other men look at you too. Some people will gossip others, and they will be frustrated because they can’t do the same. The soap operas, Big brother, and many reality shows made new opportunities for people and relationships are tempted by a forbidden fruit.
Infidelity is a poison in small doses. You can stop when you wish it is not too late.

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