Relationship with ego


Many women will deal with breakup on hard way. You are not important person in his life anymore, so all what you wish to do is to hurt bastard. After you are dumped, you will think about revenge, how to fight back, if he was the one who left you.

In this situation, you think with heart and act with instinct. Only small number of women will think with mind, on cold and practical way.

One of the biggest failures after breakup is relationship with ego. 
Yes, you read good, some women enter into relation with their ego so they pick someone who will confirm all what she think or do, no matter is that guy handsome, smart, rich or is he a good person. He must satisfy only one term: to agree with everything and  to ask nothing. In this way, certain woman will get over her previous relation, because now she is the one with control in her hands. When woman lose partner, she is powerless. She will cry, yell, even beg to return him back. In this situation, when woman finds someone who is crazy about her, she will find her lost ego. Finally, she found doormat and got power.

Ingrid was devastated after broken relation. Her boyfriend Joseph left her because of another woman. She did not wait to chill out, she was in the action two days after. During relation she often received messages on her mail, from William, guy from her workplace. He was not handsome, but he was one of the bosses and everyone admired to his Ferrari. It was nice red car and he was never alone in it. Ingrid accepted William even he was not her type at all. He was short man with glasses, and bald. He reminded on cartoon, as Homer Simpson. Also, he filled all her wishes. He drove her at shopping even at night, they traveled in another city to buy her shoes. Ingrid got new slave. She was not in love, but she even slept with him, just to heal her broken heart. She was in relation with her ego. After a year, William realized that Ingrid doesn’t love him at all. He said to her : “You are with me just to prove your friends that you can find rich guy. ” She did not deny this at all. Her heart was not broken this time, because she did not feel love.

How you will recognize that woman dates with you to prove ego?

She will not talk much about feelings. That is understandable, she is with you, so she loves you.

She will try to be on all popular places in the city, that people can see her.

She will try to be near her ex boyfriend who left her. So she will go in certain bars, cinemas and clubs, just to be noticed by her ex.

She will laugh or talk loud, because obviously she wants to announce her presence.

She will avoid privacy. Why should she hide with you in some park, if she can go to main event in the city?

How to forget this ex bastard?

Using someone else is wrong way. When you forgot about ex, when you don’t visit his internet pages, and when you skip topic if your friends talk about him, your mission is done. Ex boyfriend doesn’t deserve that you make fool of yourself. Mostly, if he will not laugh, he doesn’t care what happens to you now. Even if you occupied some attention from him, smile and go forward. It is better to be single and happy, than in relation with someone who just represents your ego.


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