Discrimination about sex orientation -both sides

In Croatian Family Law marriage is described as community between man and woman, and idea of referendum for family  is protection of traditional family, which would be elimination lesbian and gays as married couples. 

In Croatian Constitution, on that way should be regulated that marriage is allowed just between man and woman. 

Croatian Constitution regulate that everybody has right on own freedom and expression of own opinion, freedom and values, so this kind of article is against law. In Sunday people must vote yes or no, to change basic of this Constitution. The group “In the name of family” started actions for this referendum.

Croatian people’s opinion are different. Here is wish to take care of traditional values, mother and father who will take care of their children. On other hand, in Croatia are also people with lesbian or gay orientation and they want to have their love on official way. Gay pride in Zagreb and Split every year is cause of mess in the streets . 

Many people in Croatia agreed in one thing. This referendum costs, 48 millions Croatian Kuna, and who paid this money? Croatia has almost 400 000 unemployment citizens. Is this time for this referendum, also in period when every third woman in Croatian marriage  is abused woman? Why should not we vote about protection of women?


Since Croatia entered in European union, everyone expects resurrection of rights. 

People with gay or lesbian orientation, people who change gender asks their rights, because it is impossible to have surgery in Croatia and to change gender person must to go Belgrade in Serbia. That people have their aggressive ways to push their rights forward. Croatia is not Wonderland, it can’t be realized over night. Especially, when salaries are smaller and smaller, and our basic rights are in danger. As Marx said , in this case it would be suitable “first you must have money to satisfy basic needs, then second wishes.”

Everyone expect to realize dreams in Croatia. Homeless, Gypsies, refugees, people without job, and not everyone will give their contribution to work on better life. They wish benefits but they are not willing to take obligations.

If you think that Croatia is prison, look around other countries. Go to see their law regulations, and somewhere you will not have right even to say about your sexual orientation or you will be punished. 

We got life partnerships for gays and lesbians as form of community. This is not equal as hetero marriage, but couples has certain rights and protection. We have Gay pride every year and there are no victims, because we use democratic methods to express our wishes. Besides that, we are country which lives from tourism. Gay tourists are profitable and politicians should know this . 

Even many associations accuse Croatia for discrimination, that is not true in many cases. What we could expect from country which was build on blood and wars, that we will so easy open our doors to people we can’t trust, as refugees, migrants or others who search their shelters? 


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