A virginity loss

The important step in private life is a loss of virginity, this moment when boy become a man, ad girl becomes a woman. This change brings various reactions, from fascination until regret. Girls were imagined their perfect man and boys expected big testosterone adventure. Movies and magazines fooled them with some fake visions how should it be.
Some reaction of girls I knew:
Vision number one:
“In my fantasy, my first lover was the man who made me romantic dinner with slow music. We were dancing in a room with fireplace. Then we went to bed and made love until morning.”
“That happened with a guy I know for 3 weeks. We were in his flat, he was with me about 10 minutes, I was bleeding and he went to sleep. He was hairy and I could not watch on his penis, it was too big, first I saw in my life, it was shocking to me.”
Vision number two:
“I love him a long time ago and I wish that he is my first lover. I want to drink expensive champagne with him and later I want to show him my best underwear. I want that he says he loves me and look deep into my eyes.”
“We were in his car, this was so small place, I hurt my back, and I did not know where I will put my legs. So uncomfortable. He said that he is in rush. It was painful like someone put the needle in me. He did not say he loves me.”
The young girl will have own perception about making love. Loss of virginity is something magic or saint for her. She will be real woman finally. Nobody can’t say later she is a little girl because she made love with a man. Girls will compete to catch the handsome guy who will be the first because he will stay in their memories. Some girls have long relations and then is naturally to make love with their boyfriends, after one year of relation. They are prepared for this big event. Others are not so careful, they want to be wild and to taste life. When a girl can’t find the appropriate guy, she will catch someone to do this cut into her femininity.
Guys have a different way and loss of virginity is their initiation. The same as they want to break the ice with fists, they will go bravely into this unknown world. Later they can tell a story about their first sexual experience.
What did guys say?
“I was the first lover of my three girlfriends. I made it safe and practical.”
” I did it with an older woman. He taught me everything I should know.”
” I made love first time with my friend. She was my schoolmate, so I practice with her.”
” During summer holidays I met a fabulous stranger. She was from Germany. It was my first lady, my blonde woman, it was perfect.
What indeed happened?
” I did not know when I need to cum.”
“I could not put a condom, and I lost desire.”
” I don’t get it when she should have an orgasm.”
” She said I am fast as a rabbit.”
“She did not bleed. I am not sure if she really a virgin.
2014 - 1
Some stories are created with half truth and half lies. All this is part of the experience, so with first sex, you will learn also first tricks. Adult man will not have the same expectations, and adult woman will stop dreaming. Average girl will lose virginity in a period of 16-21 years old. Boys will also lose their virginity in youth, as teenagers or younger.
What happens when person skip that period and stay a virgin? Also, some are virgins with 35 or even 40 years old. When a person is still innocent in that period, shame and fear are bigger. A possible partner can say:”What you did until now? Nobody wanted you?”
Some women are disappointed with their ideas of innocence and virginity. They are not married so they think sex outside of marriage is a sin. Also, some are so selective so they think nobody deserves their body until he did not fit their standards. They were waiting, and they are still waiting for right one. Later, when they get old, the choice is so small that they left alone.
Men will try to solve their lack of experience by watching porn movies, masturbating on magazines, or visiting brothels. Some men will try cybersex with unknown women on the internet. They will collect their knowledge in a different way until real opportunity knocks on their door.
Virginity loss is not only a physical activity. This is not amateur surgery. You step forward into your maturity. You shared something private with other person and give someone part of you. A person who never experienced this will miss an important lesson. A woman from fairytale will never be equal to a real woman, a man from the erotic movie is not a man from reality.

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