The writer out of the stereotypes



When we talk about some professions, for sure in our heads is vision about how some persons should look like. So you will imagine cop as a tall and strong man, teacher as a woman with glasses, butcher as fat man etc.

That is just our superficial view and draft of the person. But things are different. 

What if a person doesn’t fit in stereotypes?

Nives Celsius is a woman who won the award for best selling book in Croatia and region, the name of book “Naked truth.” That book is about scandals and affairs, erotic events in celebrity world in Balkan. So nothing strange indeed, but that book was the main subject of Croatian readers and Nives got an award with the name “Kiklop.” Talking about history this award was established by the name of the novel of Ranko Marinković, famous Croatian writer, dedicated to him and honorable for all future writers.

So, who is Nives? Nives Celsius is Croatian singer, pin-up girl, wife of Croatian footballer Dino Drpić, Croatian celebrity girl who became famous outside of Croatia because of her sex appeal, she was on the cover of many international magazines. She is not a writer who can fit into stereotypes. So, old-fashioned closed mind in Croatia decided to take away “Kiklop” award from her hands. The scandal was even bigger when Mrs. Vodopija, Director of the Book Fair in Pula Magdalena Vodopija, responsible for award decided to shut down all future rewards. Simply, Mrs. Vodopija found shameful that Nives can get the award, so she wanted to destroy all future possibilities that kind of writers as Nives can get an award in future.

Of course, Nives found satisfaction in District court in Pula. There, accord to the verdict, the final decision was, she must get “Kiklop” right into her hands. Justice won this time, but a shadow of shame stayed in the background.

Who should be ashamed? Not Nives, she fights fair and she won this game. She wrote a book, Croatian publicity accepted her and she deserves the award. But Mrs. Vodopija who told that woman like her doesn’t deserve the award because she is not a traditional writer, she should be ashamed. So what if Nives had scandals, that is her personal life.

Maybe some people are disappointed with the taste of Croatian readers. Yes, we read yellow stamp and scandals, not boring books about war and politics, because we want something to make us smile, that we can feel alive. It doesn’t mean that we are people without taste, we know about famous writers and many of us will like Hemingway, Proust, Dostojevski. But we choose. In this way, Croatian publicity shows up that closed minds must stay in the box and not to attack other people because they were enough brave to jump out from the box.

Nives is one good example.


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