Jealousy is (not) the proof of love


One of the myths about jealousy is that jealous person prove love by making jealous scenes to partner. Some women are even proud of jealous men, because it shows their values, accord their opinion.

Cathy, an old woman who works in drugstore always talk about her husband as jealous one, who doesn’t like that she talks with her customers. As Cathy is an old woman without few teeth and grey hair, it raises her ego.

What is good in jealousy when you look at this from logic perspective?

A jealous person checks e-mails, calls, messages.

A jealous person attacks your friends if they even talk with you.

A jealous person follows every your step.

A jealous person asks password of your social network.

A jealous person makes a story from every small detail.

If you have trust and confidence in your partner, you will put jealousy in the last place. You will turn on healthy mind before you attack partner and accuse him of infidelity. There are some other ways of showing love, not with jealousy.

Hug your partner, kiss him, share jokes with him, listen what he has to say to you. Wash dishes after he makes you dinner. Comment together some movies and soap operas, go out and dance.

Jealousy should be a joker, not a main card in the pocket. When everything other fails, then play jealousy game. This phenomenon has a double side. Even it might look cute that your partner yells or beat someone cause of jealousy, he can next time beat your office mate because you work together over time.

Some women, as Cathy will be disappointed because making forbidden ground for other contacts is not love. Cathy’s husband just hate to be alone at home, he got bored and he is addicted to attention. He indeed is not afraid that someone will steal him, Cathy. He is afraid of meals, laundry, and money.

Jealousy is possession.This is mine and you can’t touch this. If you try I will kill you. Love is a mutual agreement, you are free to go if you don’t like this relation.


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