Social media – truth and lies about Luka Modrić

When i talk about Croatian football, Luka Modrić is the most famous name nowadays. As Davor Šuker in the past, Luka Modrić is somebody who is the most popular in this area. When i was at stadium Maksimir, during football match Croatia-Norway, audience supported him as leader of the victory. Luka Modrić started his career in football club Zadar and continued in football club Dinamo, so together with Dinamo they won 3 championship title in Croatia. Nowadays, he plays for Real Madrid, famous Spanish club.

Luka is not typically footballer, he has no model look like Cristiano Ronaldo, he is not the star of scandals as Maradona, and he is not a playboy. Luka is a modest guy, married with one kid, and he is not the star of parties like Neymar, he is more guy from the neighborhood, but his talent is limitless. Recently he was chosen as the best footballer in Zagreb, he got a reward from children, and he was in a gathering, among children, as their role model.

People will say: “Wow, really golden guy, everybody must love him, isn’t it?” But, the world is not a nice place, he was the object of jokes during World championship in Brasil, when Croatia lost a match against Mexico, their newspapers were full of jokes about Luka because he is not sexy macho man. Also, American portal recently talked about him in the article as about someone who is a bad example for kids.

Luka said: “I wanted to be a barman if i was not a footballer.”

Author of article Miriti Murungi twisted his words and explained that Luka has a bad influence on kids because in this case, he supports alcohol and bad behavior in a bar. This superficial way is a double negative because barmen are, accord this words, group of people who don’t deserve respect and this job is discriminated, and on another hand, Luka should be someone who needs to stay away from kids. Also, author of this text talked about his hairstyle, as Luka is model for Vogue or on the cover of Playboy.

Luka Modrić is one of the rare footballers who is not connected with affairs. He is not a cheater and he lives in stable marriage, he is not involved in scandals and corruption, he lives healthy sports life and every famous football club would like to have him. His wife is not a famous model, she is an ordinary girl and her photos are not theater for the audience, as some football wives do. She is certainly not Victoria Beckham and publicity knows her as the girl who worked in the administration of football club Dinamo.

What is the point? Finally, we have someone who did not build his career on scandals so, in the lack of ugly stories, newspapers must imagine fairy tales about Bad Luka, as he is Grinch who stole joy from kids. Many Croatian kids will wear shirts with his name and they will be proud of it. In his statement, Luka said something very modest and positive, that he appreciate money and he doesn’t make a difference between rich and poor. He did not change, he stayed guy from the neighborhood, simple and ordinary as we remember from the start.

He gave lessons to human ego and stupidity in the first place. We are not all born to be rich and stars, but we should not underestimate anyone, no matter is person waiter, carpenter or footballer.


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