The authority laughs the last

The discipline is a key to respect or an opposite. The boss can’t gain respect among his coworkers without their discipline. His authority rock on when his people laugh at him, pity him or consider him as a friend. If you are a football coach, things are more complicated, because your submissive people might be stars. A national football coach will face it such challenge: how to make discipline between famous football stars?

Croatian coach Ante Čačić faced with troubles at the moment when his defender Dejan Lovren rejected to play for national team in Euro championship. He explained this in one sentence: “I don’t want to play for Croatian team until Ante Čačić is a coach. ” Dejan Lovren plays for Liverpool and he is one of the famous footballers, familiar as hot-tempered. He has quality and he plays on a spot of a left defender, which is an issue for a team because a long time ago Croatian coach can’t find properly player. Dejan Lovren was the main candidate for that place, and it was an almost finished decision. In a friendly match against Hungary, coach Čačić did not give him a chance to play, he did not enter during the match. It made him furious and he gave a statement to the press, that he will not play under Čačić authority.

Publicity was divided. People who stand on Lovren side claimed that we will be damaged without him in the team. People who supported Čačić had arguments that he is a coach, and he must listen to him. 

What do think? As much everyone has free will, the world can’t exist without authorities. If we let everyone to do what he wishes, we are in anarchy. If we accept that all kind of bosses orders to us, we are under dictator ‘s boot. We need leaders, we need some tips, especially if our task is team’s work. Someone must lead the team, as we have a captain for the ship, we must find a coach for football. Every player who loves his team must sacrifice his ego. Lovren is a football star, but he is not the only one. He gave a bad example because others can ask their rights too, to pick who will play, when will play and how will play. 

If you ever experienced to be boss, you know that is not a simple task. How to persuade people to follow your tips? You must give them something to respect you. If they don’t respect you, show them paddle. Dejan Lovren will watch football on television, instead to play for his team, because he wanted to feed his ego. 


We must risk no matter because use football is game for the team. In the year 1998 football player Igor Cvitanović missed EURO championship. He had a conflict with coach Ćiro Blažević. Romario, big football star also missed one championship because he did not listen to the coach. 

Discipline asks a sacrifice. Sometimes, we will not bring the fairest decisions, and we will not deal with best people. What is important, we will deal with self-confidence and authority. If you are boss, stand behind your attitude, and show others why you stand for this. That is what Ante Čačić did, no matter about publicity who thrown eggs on him, he said “Lovren is playing good, but others are playing too. “


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