Do you make a difference between love and passion?

Two man fight for the affection of one woman, sounds like feed for ego? I bet every woman dream at least once that men will fight for her, as knights in the past and that better will win. In this situation, every woman must be aware that one man will lose and someone will be hurt.

This is not a rarity, you can fall in love with two men. It happens, and feelings are not equal, you might love someone and to be affected with another one, but your heart is divided into two parts and this is poison for the soul. How to choose one, or will you lose both indeed, because you look as manipulative bitch?

Sally was in that situation when she got married. She got married for love of his life and this marriage started good, she and a husband were traveling a lot and dating as young teenagers. Suddenly, her husband became grumpy, he lost the sense of humor, money debts and problems at work prevailed his mind. He was cold in sex and also suspicious about Sally because she has many friends on her social networks. 

Soon Sally started to exchange messages with Daniel, hot guy who worked as a security guard. They opened video cameras and fall in love with each other. After some time, Daniel asked Sally to visit him, or he will come to visit her. Sally was crucified between her desires and devotion toward the husband. Then, something helped her to decide. Daniel was a womanizer and he did not hide her nature, by posting around compliments and sharing gifts with many women. The worst of all was, that he prefers older women, even over 50 years. He was 36 years old and it was indeed strange because he was surrounded by this kind of women. Sally chilled out from him, she did not want to be part of this game. Also, she starts to miss all little things she had with her husband, common breakfast, watching movies together, making jokes which only they understand. She deleted Daniel from her social page. He is still sending her messages and try to get back her affection, Sally is not cold but she decided to finish this game. 

When two men want one woman, she is at first fascinated, her ego grows, she feels as queen, especially if both men are handsome, quality men and if they are desirable. After some time, she will feel conscience guilt, like she is destroying two lives by this uncertainty. One day she will make a decision and break some heart. One day one will suffer.

In this case, Sally hurts the man who had no pure intentions. He wanted to make sex and probably this relation would not last. Sally showed also a high level of empathy by sacrifice her feelings for the sake of her husband.

People could judge, but who did not think about another person, at least once? We might think that we have sinned by thoughts, acceptance or even words, but this is all human. We have turbulence in our relations, and if relations survive, it means love is stronger than passion or lust. Real love includes forgiveness, sacrifice, and respect. Real love can’t survive without responsibility. 

If you are responsible, you will cut every treat to your love.


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