Few minutes for glory

What would any person do for few minutes of glory? Nowadays this question is even more harder, because progress of technology made powerful tools to reach fame in few moments. All what you should do is to be present in right place on the right time. Even yellow press will offer money for those who will caught naked Madonna, Katy Perry in tears after breakup or shameless Milley Cyrus, because all what they do is big news.

Football will fill more and more space in social networks and newspapers. This is more than game with 22 players , this is kind of show with daily comedies or tragedies. In football match against Colombia the main Brazilian player Neymar Junior got injured. Colombian footballer Zuniga hurt his verterbra and Neymar was hospitalized. 

As in every story where main actor is famous star, here are also some people who wish to grab pieces of star dust. So, that day when Neymar was hospitalized, nurse Chinta  in  hospital Fortalezi grabbed her chance to record Neymar with photo and made selfie about this event. That remain on old Rome, when gladiators in arena were fighting, audience was screaming in agony, hungry for blood and adrenaline. 

An epilogue of this story was that she was fired. I totally agree with this decision, because she hurt privacy, ethic principles of her work and made own show for publicity, based on other’s trouble. I believe that she would not be so happy and with big smile if something of this happened to her. There is old saying “what is dark for someone , that is dawn for others.” In this case, it was twilight for Chinta, because she may catch her few minutes of glory, but she lost job.

Let’s be honest to the end and admit that everyone would like to grab this opportunity, to made own tape of Neymar in trouble, no matter what you can get from this. Money, fame, atention are sweet candies. You work eight hours or more at day and now here is your golden chicken, so why to miss chance? 

Why is this wrong?

Every country has Constitution and right on privacy is one of the main rights. If you record someone without his permission, even he is famous, you break this rule.

If you work in hospital you should know more about ethic and compassion. Injured people are not experimental rabbits for internet.

If you smile at the end of tape where is a story about injured person, you talk about yourself as person with lack of intelligence. Injured verterbra is not a joke and for sure it is not reason to smile in front of the world to someone who had an accident.

For everyone who think that football is easy way to make money, that is not true. Just to compare, Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen has market value about 250-450 million euro, and market value of Neymar Junior is about 150 million euro. 

I don’t want to underestimate any work, but Gisele is not exposed to injuries during her modelling and her job is not dangerous and risky. Nowadays we can hear news about footballers who died from heart attack during match, and injuries could be so serious that it cost them career. In past, Croatian footballer Eduardo was long absent after injury of his leg and it made him out of game for a long time. 

As much football looks like easy going game, you are target that someone hurt you or take an advantage so this is price every footballer pays.


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