Strategies in a love relationship

What is love without fantasies and strategies? Sometimes it is a real race, and we compete who will win. Men are simple, they give us simple signals. If a man says “I like you”, he likes you. If he wants to marry you, he will ask you.


Many women are misguided by thinking that men give us double signals. Maybe when they are teenagers and immature, until they have no experience. Little kid will tease girl because he likes her. When the mature man wants to seduce the woman, she will know it because he will clearly expose his intentions.


Women are different. Indeed our nature is more confusing. That is a theory of seducing, how we seduce a man with words. We want to give the message, that we are not easy and that they must work hard to get us.



The girl likes the guy and he invites her for a date.


The possible answers:


 I don’t know for today, but I will let you know soon.

Now I am busy, I will tell you later.

Yes, I will go with you, but don’t take it as relation immediately.


Ask me again and you will know.

Games are made by women. 

When a guy asks for sex, the game goes to a higher level.


Women will reply:


I am not ready yet.

I have a headache.

It is not the right time.

If you are serious, you will wait.

Do you want to take the advantage of me?

Do you love me?

Women will hesitate, make excuses,  buy time to get a guy for long relation. Every woman has a game with more levels. The one who passes all levels wins an award.

The bad player will quit in the first step. The average player will try and give up. But the best players will be resistant until they got a score.

It also depends on wishes and expectations. Some guys are lazy and they will rather choose a more available woman because they think their odds are better if they play on safe. Others will deal with challenges, no matter how much time they need. The man with experience will not give up on the first sight.

So what kind of player you want? 

If you deal with the little boy, he is insecure and it is easy to break him. Some women like to play teacher and student game because they feel superior in this situation. A weakness of this game is that you never know what to expect, and as soon as he will get bored, you will lose.

When two people are not on the equal level, it is hard to make harmony.  The follower must take a step to be closer. The breakup is here when one person stayed on the first level, and other is already far away on level 50. 


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