Do you value your special people?

Would you trade a diamond for a bunch of stones? Would you trade your present girlfriend for few adventures with other women? If you can say yes, you are the person who doesn’t recognize real values. The quality system is something that makes your life worthy. If you sacrifice some personal pleasures for real thing, your priorities are high and that makes you special. Quantity is just collection of numbers, no matter do you have a hundred friends who don’t give a shit to you, or you stuck into short affairs with easy women.
When Norman was a little boy, he had a cute parrot, a a pet. That parrot died after 2 years, and parents said to him: “We will buy you the new bird. ” Norman cried and he said he doesn’t want a new bird because he loved this parrot and nothing can replace her. His brother Matthew said that he wants a new bird, because old one was noisy and it is not a big loss, as he said, the bird is a bird and there is no difference. Later, that two guys found girlfriends. Norman gets married fast, after college, with his girlfriend Edith, who was his love from school days. Matthew is still single, and he has instant relations, because a woman is a woman, and if he fails in one attempt, soon another will take her place.
Problem with people who don’t recognize real values is in their actions, where they unintentionally hurt others. Sometimes, such person will find valuable love or friend, but he will not recognize diamond. Another problem is, superficial people will get fooled easily.
If your life values are based on quantity, you will get next stuff:
Many adventures with hot sex, but without love.
Many acquaintances, but not real friends.
Many invitations for the party, but nobody will listen to your problems because they don’t care.
A lot of opportunities for jobs, but without a chance for permanent salary, because you have no stability to stay in one place.
Easy going life looks beautiful on first sight, but if you look under surface, there is much emptiness. This is an as big box for Christmas, when you open this golden stuff, inside is a just small toy or few candies. The fact is, when we appreciate real values, we will pay price. Superficial people are not ready to pay price because it takes much efforts and kind of pain. Why should he try to get this woman when she is so hard to get? Other women are in front of him, ready to jump in his lap.
Diamonds are not for everyone, some of us deserve a bunch of stones because it is easier to deal with stones. You don’t have to pay much attention to them, as on diamonds. If you get bored with stones, just throw them away. Don’t regret later that you had life, but you did not live as you supposed. A game with stones is more expensive than you think.

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