We are all hooligans sometimes

This is not just a story about football or politics. This is a story about emotions. Nowadays all are talking about freedom, free choice, personal rights. In the same time, these days are more censored situations and more limited rules than ever.

Shortly, in a football match, Croatia won Island with 2:0 result. Next part was a celebration. Defender Joe Šimunić popularly called crazy Joe, invited publicity to sing in the name of victory. And he said loudly:”For home we are ready.” People followed him with noise, and nothing would not be weird, but these words were declared as greetings of fascism. 

Joe explained later that he did not have any purpose of hate, he talked about the love of his country, about warm home and emotions were in his heart. For those who don’t know, the message “For home we are ready ” was a slogan in World War II, favorite by ustasha, Croatian Revolutionary Movement. This movement supported Nazis. So words made by Joe left the wrong impression. Incomplete “for home, we are ready announced”  means admiration to Ante Pavelić, leader of mustaches.

Poor Joe failed and he was subject even in Croatian parliament. But police did not make the report and basically, there is no proof that he did something wrong as a criminal act. He got punishment, out of game 8 months. Meanwhile, his career as player finished and today he is part of Croatian expert football team, as coach adviser.

Let’s look at the background of this event.

Football is a harsh game, and football supporters are always loud, sometimes aggressive and vulgar. This is such a sport and emotions are present in every important match. We are not watching ballet “Swan Lake” of Pjotr Iljič Čajkovski. If we are going to watch ballet dance, then we will be polite and watch out our behavior. Football is a game of nerves and the most important by effect thing in the world. 

Personally, I heard many bad words at stadium anytime when is a football match, and it became routine.  Many countries in this world have something to shame about in their past because history is written by war and humans. We are here for the future. If you hear inappropriate words from young people, they just express rebellion. Mostly they have no idea about history, they just copy “bad guys” style.

Also, nobody sees that people followed Joe and that all stadium was singing. Yes, he was clumsy and he could avoid this situation, but he had no bad intention. He is not a politician, he is just footballer. This is not Oscar Academy Award, this is just football match. 

If we must express our happiness or sadness accord some rules, where is a democracy then? Should we judge systems without freedom of rights before we prove that we have free hands when we are talking? If you look at every dirty word which people yell at matches, you might consider all as hooligans. I was swearing and yelling too. I was whistling and I was joined to supporters song.  Soi was hooligan too.


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