5 ways how to deal with playboy


When Bryan walked into room, every woman has eyes on him. He was charming, talking with everyone and had nice words for all. Until the end of the year, Bryan slept with many women from his workplace. He broke hearts, but still all wanted to be with him. Stella had big decision, to catch him for herself. He should be only hers.

That kind of plan is draft when you wish to catch playboy. Some boys will wonder, why their rude, promiscuous and nasty friends change girlfriends so fast, and they barely find someone to date? On other side, women will ask how to stop playboy and how to be the last station for him?

So, you crush in him, and he has many affairs. He is nice with you, he gives you chances, but soon you realize that you are only number and that you can’t stop him. 

In this case, women do some basic mistakes. If you wish to stop playboy, don’t do this:

Don’t try to prove him that you are special. He will notice by himself.

Don’t insist to date with him if he already say no.

Don’t use sex as weapon. He is on familiar ground.

Don’t let him to use you for his purposes. Men ego could be very big. Once he realize that you love him, he might play with you.

Don’t confirm all what he says. He doesn’t need shadow.

How Stella caught Bryan at the end, it was mystery which everyone wanted to know. She was ordinary woman, not so pretty, older than him but smart. She found his weak spots, that he wanted someone who will treat him as human, not as sex object. He did not want woman who will cut wrists because of him. He wanted someone who will be enough cool not to call him every day but still support him in everything. Until other women skipped intro, Stella wanted to know all about him . They wanted to catch him for bed or for marriage, but Stella first focused to deserve his trust. She was arguing with him to prove that she is not impressed by his sweet appearance. 

You will be surprised maybe, but men are also in fear that women will use them. Women can use men for money, sex and selfish interests, the same as men do. Just, women are more complicated. You will understand very soon when guy wish to use you for sex, but men will understand slow how they were used, when woman drag him into marriage from interest. Until you found out, you are already around table with your mother in law who ask you to taste her domestic cake. 

What are basic fears of all playboys?

She will catch me with pregnancy.

She will make jealous scene in publicity.

I could not get rid of her.

She will make suicide and i will be responsible.

Her friends will gossip me and i will be crucified as jerk.

Too much experience is burden as lack of experience. In second case, you walk through the dark, in first case you are blind from too much light. When man have sex with too much women, all are the same for him and he doesn’t make difference. 

What are signs that guy is playboy?

He will seduce all kind of women. Ugly, pretty, young and old.

He will talk sweet with everyone.

His compliments are copy paste. “Your eyes are dangerous. ” How many times you heard this?

Every girl knows story about him. No, they are not jealous on you, they wish to warn you.

He will say that he had no luck and that women hurt him. He is broken every month and he asks for comfort.

If you expect that he will totally change, you are wrong. He will be faithful to you, but you will close one eye to his love reminders. Every time when some girl will smile in his presence, you don’t need to start questions. Playboy is someone who will be accepted, not transformed. He decided in one moment to stop his way of life, because he got tired. This is kind of journey. You are travelling without pause , but then you see safe harbor and you wish to stay. This happens in moment when you feel peace in soul and when you don’t afraid of sharing. Your fear is now different, this is fear of losing something valuable.

Bryan got wife and small daughter and he found new sense. All this sexy girls from his past became irrelevant because they had nothing to give him more. He was even afraid not to lose Stella. 

Some naive women think that they are better than others, chosen or benefited. In fact, they only came in the right moment . He was too old, too tired or ready to settle down. The main thing was that he insisted to stay with particular woman. She could be his friend from childhood, office mate or neighbor, but she was his last chapter. 


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