Are you a heartless woman?


Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish at this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities because it would spare us from pain. Modern woman will say: “I can make love with a man and after this, I will leave him if he is not what I wanted”, but that is part of the theory. In practice, things are different, because if you are not porn star or prostitute, your feelings will be involved.
Some women will try to copy men, for revenge. Just, men are not built from the same materials as women. Man can enjoy sex and after this, he will not date with a woman, because it was part of his pleasure, and she is not in his heart. Women are more sensitive, and this planet is full of women who cried because they did not learn the difference between sex and making love.
Black widow is a spider. She will eat her man after reproduction. That is a good role model for disappointed women who wish to swallow partners after pleasure. Pain is sometimes so hard feeling that is not enough to cry or yell. You wish to destroy someone in a way to forward him your pain.
Here are some stories about women, how they acted after painful breakups.
“I pick a guy when I was hitchhiking. We had sex and after this, I did not ask for his number.”
“I went to his flat even I did not know the guy as well. After this, I told him that I wanted only sex.”
” I used his friend for sex, and he bragged about me as bitch later. “
If you wish to act like a black widow, remember this rules:
1. Look at his eyes and remember he is here for a purpose, to give you pleasure.
2. Don’t call him later, because your feelings will involve.
3. Don’t get jealous because he is not your love.
4. Smile if you see him, say hello or thanks, but don’t get into the deeper conversation.
5, Don’t talk around about him because that story can turn against you.
Some women are rational and pragmatic, and they can control their feelings when they need this. If you are a too sensitive woman, if you could not kill even mosquito, this kind of business is not for you. Playing the role of vixen is a strong lady, who is aware of consequences.
Keira was a romantic woman, and when her boyfriend Malcolm left her in tears, she asked for advice from her best friend Helen. So, Helen suggested her to make love with Malcolm, but just for revenge. It was the killer plan because after sex the main task of Keira was to get out from flat in the early morning until Malcolm is sleeping. Later, in the case that Malcolm asks for her, she would just write him SMS to fuck off from her forever. Keira did the first part of this plan, she made love with Malcolm, because he still wanted her, but he already had another girlfriend. In early morning Keira started to cry and asked for a hug. But Malcolm got up from the bed and said to her that it was last time and that he is in love with a new girlfriend. Keira got a double kick in the ass.
If you are not playing, don’t participate in the game.
Yes, you watched Linda Fiorentino and Sharon Stone in the role of fatal seductresses, but maybe you are not a hot fatal woman. If you can’t swallow part of your heart, you will not swallow and spit your ex-partner. Even worse, you will hurt yourself. Don’t blame yourself because you are not a black widow. You have feelings and it makes you wonderful woman because someone will accept your romantic nature as a gift.

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