When champions play dirty

What would you do for your success? Would you betray friend, walk over corpse or just make someone ashamed? If you humiliate someone who is more rated than you, people will finally look at you, isn’t it? If you throw egg into face of famous politician, you will warn others that something is not alright, but it depends how they will react on this.

Copa America is famous football championship in Latin America. The most interesting football match was between Chile and Uruguay. Both teams were successful in World championship in Brazil 2014. Edinson Cavanni, player from Uruguay, was good goal maker there, together with Louis Suarez. So Uruguay had good odds to go further and won Copa America. But, Gonzalo Jara had another plan. 

Footbal is a long time ago more than game with ball. There are strategies, psychological games, racism and many politicians poke nose in choice of players. Referee is also key of game, if he is unfair, he can spoil every joy. Remember Japanese referee Nishimura from football match Croatia – Brazil, where he made huge mistake with penalty which was not existed. So, during football match Chile – Uruguay, Gonzalo Jara played his game. He put finger in ass of Edinson Cavani to provoke him. How will real man react? Of course, with slap in face. Cavani slapped Gonzalo Yara and got red card. Also, Jara provoked Cavanni with sentence about his father, who made unlucky accident where young man died in car crash. It was dirty move, but Uruguay lost this match. So, part of plan was successful. After match, newspaper wrote about this, and Gonzalo Jara got his punishment, he got exit from competition. Simply, he was kicked out from Copa America. Gonzalo Jara was remembered as killer of sport. This story got name as story about God’s finger. 

His action reminds me on naughty mistress who wish to ruin marriage. She loves man who is married and she smash face of his wife. Man stays with his wife and left mistress forever. 

What is a price of dirty game?

When you go to ruin someone, dig two graves. One is for you.

Be ready for disapproval of your actions.

Be ready for punishment.

Think about that you can lose everything.

Think about how strong is your opponent. 


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