You are not his toy

Men should respect women even they can’t fall in love with every one of them. No matter is that woman fat, old, skinny, ugly or pretty, she deserves respect because she is human. In another hand, a woman should give something to the man, as a reason to respect her. She doesn’t have to be a noble lady or rich businesswoman, but from her words and act, man should assume that she is worthy of respect.
If man spends the night with an unknown woman, he will rate her as easy. They never met before, they had no opportunity to talk, and she surrenders herself to him. Unless they did not agree about rules of the game, the woman would probably be hurt. Every one of us can experience this kind of situation. You never know when will hot guy reach stars for you and you could be fooled by his fake charm. There is no age limit for this, if he touched your weak spot, the trap is ready.
What can a woman do when man ignores her after sex?
Sit and wait for a phone call.
Cry and accept that she was just a number.
Start to argue with him, to yell and prove her value.
Ignore him in publicity.
Find another man.
Try to talk calm and ask for an explanation.
Make sweet revenge.
Men could play cruel games and you would not be surprised if he calls your best friend instead of you. He can laugh to you in front of his friends if he is immature. He can avoid you and block your number or internet page. Also, he can be harsh, to ask you to go out of his life.
Aida was in a very unpleasant situation with her lover Jim. They spent the night together and the other night she saw him in the club. He was talking and drinking alcohol with another woman. She approached them and said to the woman that he is a bad lover. So she caused a mess, but it was sweet to taste of revenge.
Men are not always fair in their judgments. They can rate you out and they will rate other women as decent. It comes from their education, character or simply they are under influence of society where they raised. What you can do, is sweet rebellion. Give him something to remember you. He will not love you, but he will watch out next time before he uses someone.
When Keira spent the night with Austin, he did not call her after. She was invited to the same wedding party as he. She appeared in a red dress, with the new guy, Paul. They came together on that celebration, as lovebirds. She was glowing and Austin was mad. He did not get her serious, and his ego got a hard to kick. She did not even greet him.
If you let your feelings to rule with you, you will lose the game.
Forget that he is cute, sexy guy. Remember how he treated you. Now is your turn, let he taste his own medicine. Men like that situation where a woman is crying for them because he abandoned her. Well, we are not all little girls. Some of us will stand up and show teeth to such idiot. He was maybe amazing in bed, but you can screw his brain.

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