Partner in our mirror


We can’t see things on the way how other see. When we act or behave on some way, this is normal for us. But how will other people react on some bad habits, especially if they are close to us, if we live with them and share privacy?

It was hard to share flat with Derek. He was so untidy, his dirty socks and laundry were on the floor, chairs, everywhere, once even Susan found his watch in the bathroom. When she complaint to him, he just said that he will clean up next time. This time never happened.
But one morning Derek was unpleasantly surprised when he woke up. He was drinking coffee and he was ready to go at work, but he could not find his wallet. All flat was in mess. He woke up Susan with words:

What is going on here? Your lipstick is in my pocket, your socks are in my cup of coffee, here is like someone hit bomb. I could swear that here was a burglar.

– No dear, i am just your copy cut. Do you understand, today i am you. And i have no idea where i put your wallet.

Derek was furious and Susan lend him money but next day he started to clean. He found things he lost a long time ago, his old watch, his tie and few box of matches. Susan supported him with smile. Finally, Derek saw his mirror reflection. It was not nice, because he saw untidy man who doesn’t shave for a week, man who is always getting late and he did not like it. Susan helped him to see things on other way.

Only person who care for us will help us to see that something is not all right. 

We can’t change character, but we can prove to someone that something is not good, when we face that person with own mirror reflection. He felt it on own skin. Consequences were in front of him and he decided to be more careful . That was not change over night, but he got this alarm inside of his head and every time he became lazy he remembered his wallet.

We will change our habits in the case of damage. Then we will decide that we want to live on other way, in the moment when our mirror give us alert that we are on wrong path.

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