Provincials as moral majority

My young neighbor date with her boyfriend few years. Every time when he came to pick her up, she is waiting him in front of building. She is not alone , because few heads are also on windows, waiting for event. Old lady with grey hair recently noticed : “He is not going in her flat, to meet parents?” It is very important to her when this guy will meet her parents, because in her ages it was not decent to date with woman without approval.
You will find such people in every city. They live through other lives , but they are not usual busybodies. They are provincials , because they want to promote themselves as moral authority in the way to make others ashamed.
Recently american actress Demi Moore visited Adriatic sea, she was in island Hvar. She was eating in local restaurant and gave some tips. Employees made photo of her bill and published this on social network. Wow, Demi was eating here. Look at her tips, she could give more, isn’t it? Imagine that you come somewhere to eat and people are watching straight into your mouth. How you chew, swallow and how much you paid, all because you are famous.
Narrow minded provincials are people with talent for copy paste. If you see someone with expensive purse who claims that is made by famous designer, be sure that is fake copy, because only provincial could brag about price.
How to recognize babbittry? Satirical novel Sinclair Lewis wrote about Midwestern businessman obsessed by clubs, commerce and material values.
Babbitt will tell you this:
“People said to me that i am spitting image of Eva Mendez. “
” I eat only organic food because meat is for losers. “
” My shoes were made only for me, by special order. “
” Really you go to this hairdresser? But nobody is going there on haircut. She is totally out. “
” I got signature of my favorite singer. I am so happy that i can’t sleep. “
“Oh i know this local Miss beauty. We are related, she is cousin of my nephew.”
Provincial rules are made accord pattern . 
Follow all trends.
Associate with popular people.
Let all gossips be available to you.
Be careful what others think about your behavior. 
Compete with your rich neighbor. If he has new car, now is your turn.
Provincial is not person from small city who arrives in big town. Provincialism is inside of you. You can meet person who was born in Paris, but still her habits are as she lived in farm. As we in Croatia said : “You can go out from village, but it is hard to throw village out of you. ” Provincial style are not only cheap shoes or bad hair day. He can look like this, but if he opens his mouth and talk vulgar , this is more meaningful. Someone who talk about his profession, roots and family inheritance even nobody asked for this is born provincial. If someone ask you to tell your name, and you represent yourself as doctor, lawyer or professor at first sight, that is cocky. Do you want that everyone know that your value is bigger? When my ex boss wanted to impress me , she sent sms : “Here is the judge xxx. I need some favor. ” And i replied : “Who are you, i don’t remember. “
Provincial was name for middle class . They were someone between poor and rich. They tried to copy noble class , so women had similar dresses, but cheaper. Honore de Balzac wrote in “Father Goriot” about men who had expensive coat, but they were barefoot, because lack of money. That are provincial today, with rich vocabulary, but without education in background. Someone who read short edition of book on internet and who never visited library. Someone who talk about other countries and cultures but who never traveled out of his city.  Someone who said intelectual words, but have no idea about meaning.
With good provocation, every provincial will reveal his real face. As with fake designed purse, if you scratch it, under nice material is only paper. When you see person with selfies at social network who asked all her friends about opinion, and who promised to post more , be sure she is a babbitt. Even more, she represents moral majority and teach other girls how to behave.

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