How to deal with crises?

Black thoughts – that is familiar to all of us. Life brings us moments where we don’t see way out. Bad events are connected in a chain, so sometimes you will be in kind of temptation. You are an experimental rabbit, so can you handle this? Scott lost his job and broke with a girlfriend […]

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Can you control your fantasies?

If we compare reality and our fantasies, tastes are different. Reality often leaves bitter taste in our mouth, like we swallowed fish oil. Fantasies are cream on the cake, that sugar dose which will make our life more magical. If you have habit to live in fantasies, you can’t look into eyes of your reality. […]

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4 steps how to be selfish

Selfishness is a trap without a bottom. Everyone will fall into this seduced my own desires and wishes. The main difference is in control, how much are we able to resist and fight against this demonic feeling? Every human relation will consider selfishness as the enemy. Mother can’t be selfish, friends can’t think only about […]

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How to survive as a weirdo?

Some people were born to act accord social rules. As they have drafts what to say or to do in particular situations. “He knows to behave” or ” She is well educated” are just some of the descriptions. When you fit in, you are safe from gossips and your circle of friends is big. Or, […]

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Experience – gift or burden?

Experience is gift with double meaning. We learn where we failed, and later this precious knowledge will be used as lesson. Also, experience is a burden and next time when we open new chapter, doubt is around us, as grey cloud on the sky. Sometimes, we will get out as damaged toys from love relations. […]

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7 signs that breakup is near

Once when woman caught man of her dreams she will focus how to keep him. That is not easy task, because as much is hard to find soulmate, it is even harder to save this relation forever. Butterflies in stomach are here for 2 or 3 years, and then situation is changing. Our relation is […]

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