Are you a social clown?


Life is boring without jokes, but if people don’t take you seriously most the time, you are in trouble. Imagine that you want to marry your boyfriend and he makes jokes about it. Imagine that you wish to progress at work and your boss smile into your face. When you are a clown for publicity, this is the biggest insult. We are not all equal, so some of us are by nature accepted, as people who deserve honor and trust. But, what if you are not so favorite, if you must work hard that people accept you, or if you constantly lay on the floor until others are picking fruits?

Life is the big cake. Everyone wish the biggest slice but results are different. Some people will always pick crumbs, they will sit and wait in the corner until others are collecting cream on the top of this cake and smile to those who did not manage this. Do you wish to return them the favor, to smile back?

Maybe you still don’t understand that others consider you the clown.

Here are signs, if your answer is yes, you are the clown in this society.

Do you forgive too easily?

Do you repeat the same mistakes again and again?

Do you let the same persons hurt you, even you had a chance to fight back?

Is it hard for you to cut off broken relations or friendships?

Did you break up with the same partner many times?

It is basic that actions are louder than words. You can talk and talk, you can try to persuade others that they hurt you or made you miserable, but until your actions talk opposite, they will not listen to you at all. For example, Monica was always quiet when her boss asked her to work overtime. She would say yes, but inside of her was rebellion. Then she tried to make excuses why she can’t stay more than regular work time, but her boss always found a way to win in this discussion. One day Monica simply left, without words. Next day, when her boss asked her what happened, she said that she can’t do this anymore if her salary will not be bigger. So her position was better from that moment.

In general, people don’t like long explanations.

If you want that others take you as the serious person, do next:

Stop to apologize and stop to forgive.

Cut off all relations which interrupt your good sleep or peace.

Find new occupation or new hobbies. 

Talk shortly when the person who hurts you try to approach you. Save your time and nerves.

Life is kind of circus. When people see the clown, the first impression is a smile. When clown starts to cry, people will smile anyway, because this is a clown. So don’t be a person in a clown suit. First, you must get rid of this role, then people will get you serious.


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