How Cupid fails?


Cupid picks his victims randomly. You don’t know to whom you will fall in love, and suddenly his arrow hits you in the middle of heart. Do you think that person will be handsome, smart and rich guy? Do you think he will love you back? No, that is not guarantee. He can be average or even ugly. He is maybe poor and nasty. If he doesn’t love you back, you can’t blame him either.

We are responsible for our choices, but how to explain this to your heart? Some of us will never recover from unhappy love story. Before 11 years, Croatian actress Edita Majić made decision to become a nun. She settles down in Spanish monastery, as  nun with high level of discipline. She had problems with drugs and her love story had bad end. Now she says, she is very happy.

What can happen after your sad love story?

You wish to escape from this world. Some will make suicide.

You wish that you never see person who broke your heart again.

You will stop to believe in love and maybe this is root of promiscuous life in future.

You start to hate opposite gender. Maybe you wish to be gay or lesbian.

We can fall in love so many times. Sparks are eternal, so physical attraction is possible with many persons. When we talk about love , story is different. If you loved someone deeply, it will be hard to replace this person. In any way, if you love more times, this story will never be the same. Beloved person will leave track in your soul and if you start to compare your present partner with your lost love, problems are already here.

What if you never had courage to admit your love? Maybe you felt that is impossible or that you are less worthy. Maybe your soulmate is far away, taken or you can’t fit her into your reality. In this case, why don’t to swim in ruthless sea of love? Even you are aware of negative result, you can be richer for one experience.

Owen fall in love in Helen, but she was ten years older than he. She accepted his offer for relation, but he could not bear burden of his prejudices. Whatever wrong happened, he blamed her. She get out of this with scarves. He was also suffering, but not for the same reasons. He was victim of own insecurities, complexes and immature attitude.

Some people act as they will marry every person which they meet. That is not the point of love. Sometimes, we just enjoy without plans. We are here to learn , to have background for sweet memories. We can’t blame someone who gave us beautiful lesson about love. Maybe that partner was not suitable, but heart has own standards. 

The worst you can do is to talk bad about previous relation and about person who loved you. It is like you hit diamond through your window, into garbage. 

This is how your ex should talk about you and you about him, if you did not hurt each other too much:

” I am happy i spent wonderful time with such special person. Even we are not together anymore, i wish you all the best in your life.”


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