When women send wrong signals


When i was teenager, i had friend from another city. She visited me in summer and we had deal to go out in nightclub for weekend. When we met, she was wearing short skirt and high heels, and i was in trousers. Soon, bunch of kids start to mock her, and one boy said to her: “You look like whore.” She was shocked, me too, but it was small city and people were poisoned with stereotypes and prejudices. That kid had 13 years then, and for sure he heard such words from his mother or father. She did not have good time even later, because men were offering her sex or drink in the club, so she was so disappointed. I did not want to be rude, but i said to her that problem is in her clothes. She simply shown wrong impression. Indeed, she was good girl from decent family, but she wanted to attract attention from one particular guy. He did not appear that night, but she got bunch of unpleasant offers from other men.

When women fall in love, they think with heart or instincts, and often their strategy is not the right one. Even we live in modern world, where Pamela Anderson had porno video for publicity, and Miley Cyrus shown masturbation and tongue out, men will still give labels as “easy slut” or “whore” to some women.

Our behavior and our clothing will talk about us more than our speech. Recently i saw drunk girl in the nightclub, and man touched her in front of other people, he put her hand under her shirt, but she was almost fainted. That is cruel world, some men will use opportunity for easy sex, when they noticed some wrong signals.

What women should not do if they want to avoid public disgrace?

Don’t drink too much, because you will do things which you will not remember. 

Recently, British woman was raped in Croatia, from two guys. She was totally drunk and they used opportunity. 

Don’t walk alone in dark alley.

Don’t wear short skirt and big decolletage if you don’t have male friends around you, or boyfriend.

Don’t brag about number of your sex partners. Every man will think, he is next.

I am far from conservative attitude, but some things will bury women in few moments. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks about you, or gossips you may hear around. What really matters is expression of your values, what you will show to the world. You are not obligated to justify or to confess about your actions, but choose strategy wisely. 

Also, if you want to capture attention from special guy in real world, don’t involve with his best friend or brother. You will be public property. 

Once, when you have label, it is very hard to get rid of it. You walk around as diseased person, and others are suspicious about who you really are.

Sometimes, men will see particular women as things on sale, which are available for everyone. All you need to do is to show your price.


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