Lovebirds at the workplace


Love doesn’t pick time and place. You can fall in love everywhere and anytime. People will tell the funniest stories about how they met and where they fall in love. Love is blind because romantic arrows will hit you in unpleasant time or in an inappropriate place. 

One of the places which are not recommended as love oasis is the workplace. Don’t shit where you eat, it could be related to this. Melinda fell in love with his boss and even worse, she shared an office with him. He was married and she felt as the schoolgirl at first date. She was blushing every time when he gave her compliment, and her behavior was so clumsy. So she forgot to do calls to some important people, her files were messy and nobody was fascinated with her. They never realize relation, even sparks were visible.

Her boss said that they work together and that is against rules. Some private companies will even have the internal law about love relation between colleagues. It will be forbidden, for the sake of business. It is understandable, because the workplace is not the zoo, that two people can jump around and pinch each other whenever they like. They would look like monkeys.

Let’s see some side effect when you realize relation at the workplace.

Boredom. If you spend time with your soulmate at work and then out of work, this is big potential for conflicts. 

Jealousy. Every other woman at work is the possible threat to your relation, you can see this with different eyes. If he involved with you, why he could not flirt with others too?

Bad results. Your relation could be a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. Work will suffer and it will affect your business success.

Gossips. You will not care what others think, but if you get the promotion, people will not say that you deserve that. They will say that your skills in bed are amazing and that your boss promoted you because of this.

In extreme cases, you can be fired. You may have a conflict with your lover and if he is able to do vengeance when you break up, he will use this as the reason against you. Two flies with one hit, you will lose him and job. 

Relation to work is not the rarity. The stressful atmosphere will bring sparks and people become horny. 

When two colleagues are too close, when they have the common language which is understandable only to them, you can bet on an affair. Body language is also good proof. They hug each other too often and they exchange too much tenderness. 

Everyone knew when Josephine fall in love with the new man at work. Craig was so charming and they were all the time together, their lunch pause was extended only for them. Everyone who wanted to join them had the feeling that he is disturbed to love birds. Soon they declared their relation, but Josephine got the new business offer. They dealt that it will be better to separate their job from romance.

Imagine the scene when you spend the hot night with your colleague from work. Next morning you are coming to work and he is waiting in an office with the cup of coffee in his hand. Sounds perfect? Then, you wish to cuddle with him in the office chair, but a phone is ringing or nervous clients are behind your door. You are going to the toilet, and he grabs your butt, while someone is looking at you. Maybe is cool at first sight, but later it will be unpleasant for both. If you disagree about a project with him, he will not get your ideas seriously. He will ask you did you like what he did to you last night or you wish to try something different. 

It is different when you start the common business with your partner. Then you know each other very well because you share life with him. But, if you meet the man of your life at work, that is the situation, where you hold, rose with thorn. Squeeze it too tight and you will bleed.


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