A forbidden love with a spouse


Many articles talk about women who fall in love with married men. They are considered as victims, delusional or marriage breakers. Words are not saved, so slut, whore or bitch is not rare name for mistresses.

What happens when the situation is opposite? When a single man falls in love with married women, how society look at this? Famous Richard Branson waited one year that his present wife divorce from her former husband. He loved a married woman.

What kind of men can fall in love with a married woman and got involved with her?

Men who had no luck in love. His partners are always wrong, and he is already so disappointed that he gave up on love.

Playboys. He asks perfect opportunity for relation without obligation, and married woman can’t commit to him cause he is already obligated to her husband.

Teenagers and a young man in twenties. Their fantasies in bed start with married teachers, neighbors or his friend’s mother.

A man with Peter Pan syndrome. He is afraid to commit and a married woman is ideal for this.

Men in midlife crises. He is already divorced or he never got married, but he needs a warm body next to him.

Now, this kind of affair has some rules, and if the mad husband will not catch you, you need to stick to some rules:

As a married man, the spouse will not divorce in most cases. She needs refreshment, not commitment.

Husband is in the first plan, so forget about spending holidays and vacation with her. 

Don’t make her feel guilty. You knew she is married so you have no power as her husband.

Don’t be jealous. She will sleep with her husband too, at least she is a wife.

Expect messages and calls in unpredictable time. She can’t know when she is free. 

In such situation, society will pity for a man who got involved with a spouse and judges her who is cheater and marriage breaker. In a situation where man is a cheater, society will judge his mistress. In both situations, women are in worse positions, because mistress is a slut as the cheating wife is a slut.

I wish to say, man can also found out himself in a difficult situation. What started as sex can finish as a broken heart. Man’s heart is also not from stone, he can really fall in love with the spouse who is already taken. Then, what’s next? Do you want this woman because she is forbidden or you really want to steal her to be your wife?

In some situation fooled women fails and chose donkey instead of a horse. She got a divorce, but her lover is not interested in her anymore. It was great until there were drama and forbidden space. Now, when there are dishes and bills, all is routine, too many obligations and this is not funny anymore.

That happens with affairs, you never know when it could be worse. If you cut off the affair and your husband still doesn’t know anything, you are saved. If you continue this road to hell, you can expect everything. Two or three broken hearts or another marriage? Time will show until you still have it enough guts to wait.



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