Play hard to get

You think that guy is so hot, but unavailable to you or at least you can’t keep him more than few days. Women will say play hard to get, but not everyone knows how to play that game in the right way.
This is a big dilemma, will he understand our signs?
It is not easy to play the role of ice queen once when you fall in love with someone. When you don’t want someone, that is much easier.
When a woman is not interested, her signs are obvious.
She doesn’t reply to messages.
She will find any excuse to reject your invitation for a date.
She will not care about her outside look. Hair is not clean, the dress code is casual, and socks are with holes, so who cares?
She will be surrounded by her friends. More female friends around her, the less this post will annoy. She will create own wall.
She will be busy even with watching a movie or reading a boring book, just not to talk with you.
Game hard to get is more complicated. She is into you, but she doesn’t want to admit this. This is a cold war. Guys will be confused, but often this game will give good results. She is something worthy of a try. Relation with her would be very interesting.
Signs are next:
She will reply to your messages, but not immediately, with delay. 
She will talk with you and suddenly disappear from inbox because she wants to catch your interest. Or her cell phone will ring at the most interesting moment.
She will date with you, but you are the one who must call first after this date.
She will be sexy for you, pretty, elegant, accord occasions. 
She will be alone and focused on you. Her friends are not desirable when she meets with you.
When you start something new, this is a risk on both sides. Men are afraid not to be ashamed or hurt by ignorance. They will risk pride and dignity, and rejections are not comfortable especially if a guy get burned before. Women will risk their dignity and self-respect, especially if they accept sex and after that, he disappears. Both sides can lose and win, depends on the situation.
If you play hard to get, you may confuse your man, but at least he will respect you. If you call him all the time, if you follow him everywhere, and worse, if you accuse him why he is silent from you, he will run very fast. Force and despair are the worst enemies of every possible romance. Man is a hunter, and let he miss you. Where is she and what happened to her? Do I have a competitor?
Some women will use an old trick to be in company with handsome guys, just to make the bigger price of their values. As in cave, the stronger man will get a woman, when he uses the paddle to beat the competition. That is in human nature, our ego wants to feel special. If a man says “Nobody wants me” he will dig his own grave. Indeed all women will chill out. Women don’t like to break the ice. Virgins and cowards are not desirable to match.
No matter if you are man or woman, hard to get is always desirable game. That is in human nature, as people like to compete for better university, workplace, car or house, the same they will wish better woman or man.
As much we don’t want to admit it, love is kind of victory. Our heart won in that race. We got subject to our desires.

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