Skeletons in the closet


If you constantly live in past, you can’t focus at present and you don’t see the future.  I learned to separate my present moments from past. Skeletons in the closet my stay there, cause every exhumation will make them smell more.

How do I look at people who constantly live in past?

They can’t forgive mistakes.

They are not progressing.

They lost the battle with time, cause everything was better for them, in “that time. “

They rarely give a chance to new friends, new things, and new love.

Living in the past makes us regret, to remember or to be nostalgic. Imagine that you drive a car, and you don’t drive forward. You drive back on the road you already passed. How can you expect change if you are constantly on the same road?

One of my qualities is forgiveness and tolerance. Yes, I give chance because I believe everyone makes mistakes and people can change in some circumstances. I am not rigid, so I don’t care if someone was a hooligan, cheater, playboy, player or similar. Wounded people often have big heart and bunch of emotions, at the difference from people who lived under golden cage with a golden spoon in their ass.


What kind of people judges others by their past?

People who live in comfort zone. No risk, no damage.

People who don’t like changes. 

People who aware to make any cuts.

Sometimes I had a ritual to make farewell with past. I burn old diaries, old notebook and old clothes. Gifts I got from ex-partners and ex-friends I threw into the garbage. If there is nothing left, I go forward. I don’t hate and I don’t turn around. I want to live free, that is why I can’t look at this skeletons.

People who live in past talk in this way: “Yes, I will never forget what he did. It was very sad, I remember as it happened yesterday. I still can’t look her into eyes. I remind myself every day that she doesn’t deserve to forgive her. I will remember this until the end of my life. “

Why is that bitterness when you have so many things in present to be joyful? Living in past is living in the graveyard. All is still here, but nothing new.


One thought on “Skeletons in the closet

  1. I think that is true, but I also think that it is important to remember the past, as a barometer for the present situation. Else, how can you tell if you are making progress?

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