Did you try the makeup sex?

They were arguing whole day, and they could not make the agreement. She was stubborn, and he was a macho type, who believed that man should be boss. Suddenly he kissed her, she falls into his arms and they made love whole night. In the morning they start to argue again, about the same things.
So-called makeup sex is one of the ways how to solve problems with your partner. When two different characters fall in love, their relationship will often look like the battlefield. Especially if that differences are expressed in important areas of life, a couple will make many efforts to create harmony. Here is the question, what will win in the end, their love or ego?
Sean and Paula met each other in the shopping mall. They were in crowd and Sean had the problem with credit card, so he caused big line at the pay desk. Everyone was furious, and Paula sends him to hell. He invited her in the coffee bar as the sign of an apology and their relation started at this way. Soon they realized that they are a dog and cat. Paula was the liberal woman, and Sean was traditional and conservative. He complains even about her clothes, that she should change her style because her skirts were too short and accord him, she was seducing men in such way. Also, he never wanted to admit his mistakes, and many times Paula apologized to him, even he was the wrong one.
Paula had the weak spot, she adored sex with Sean. When they made love, all differences have vanished, their bodies made understanding so clear. It was not important who is right, and who is wrong. Paul erased all conflicts with his kisses and Paula was blind on his failures. One day, Paula found a track of lipstick on his shirt and it woke up her doubts. When he was showering, she checked his cell phone. There were the bunch of romantic messages. She was quiet, but next time when Paul started to complain about something, she was cold toward him. She even rejected sex. Then she got the point how makeup sex was the temporary solution because problems were still here. She caught the moment to sit and talk with Paul, and he accepted. They made progress by talking and at the moment their relationship is on transit zone because Paul realized that he did something bad.
You can see in romantic movies how man will rip clothes and push his beloved woman on the bed, as in “9 and the half week” or “Basic Instinct”. Later, that passion will not solve problems, they will still be in a standby position.
Women are especially sensitive after sex so they will make some questions.
How could he insult me after sex?
How could he call her after sex with me?
Sheets are still warm from our passionate night, and he went without explanation.
How it doesn’t work out? I thought, after that night, everything will be all right.
Men will think different because sex is the field of their power. If you can’t win the woman with words, take her into bed and show her who is the boss. They will separate love from sex and if they don’t love women who are their sex mates, it will be tough.
Makeup sex is not a good way to solve problems with your boyfriend or husband. That is the good intro, but never a solution.
If you don’t have mind connection and understanding with your darling, even kama sutra will not help you.

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