Romance with hypersensitive partner

Saturday evening. Richard and Gwen are in the cinema, watching movie “Twilight – breaking dawn. ” Suddenly she is crying.
That is so romantic, Edward Cullen would give life for his love Bella. Oh, my heart is beating faster. I wish i could have guy like Edward.
– This is just a movie dear.
Richard is nervous because his girlfriend is acting like child. Every time when he is with her, he feels like that. He holds fragile flower and petals will fall down if he do something wrong. Wrong word, wrong movie, wrong step, everything is affected at Gwen. She is simply hypersensitive person. It is very easy to hurt her or make her cry. That scene is very unpleasant, because any observer can think that Richard is abusing his girlfriend. He can’t raise his voice or complain, Gwen will cry. He can’t miss to call her every day. She will be broken.
He was fascinated with her on first sight. Blonde girl with angelic face, fragile and small, like little child. She was 21, but she looked as 16. Everyone would like to protect this angel, to hug her, to smash face to any bad person near her. Soon, Richard had feeling that he walks on thin ice, and every wrong step can finish with  fatal consequences. She was fragile butterfly, and he could break her wings with one touch.
One day Gwen crossed his limits. He went to play football with friends and he got late about 15 minutes. Simply he was sweating too much and he was under shower, he did not want to come dirty or sweaty on this date. Gwen started to cry loud, to smack him with fists.
You are making fool of me all the time. I wait for you, you get late, you don’t love me. Go away from me. Her voice became scream and Richard just gone. That was second face of her fragile personality. She did not want to hear any explanation.

Hypersensitive people see world as danger.

Everyone is bad. People are here to insult, hurt or to do intrigues. People are cruel and bad. Hypersensitivity is psychological problem because this is situation where people cross the line.

When normal person get insulted, there is no screaming or making scenes for every word. Hypersensitive people play role of victims even if someone get jokes with them.
On first sight that big emotions looks wonderful. They can be as artists. See world with different eyes, feel on the way which others forgot. But when it comes time that reactions are not normal, this makes problem in any kind of relation.
These are their explanations.
He broke my heart.
She hurt me, this words kill my soul.
This world is full of bad people.
This is too much for me.
Hypersensitivity makes big problems at work, because who can cooperate with such person?
Tears at work are not desirable, because we are not in kindergarten. Yes, clients will spit on us and they will insult us. So, that is life, be professional and deal with this. Cry at home if you must do this.
Real victims are people around them. When you must measure every word, when you must be so careful if she is near you, because she will cry? They can have even allergy , which comes out in border situations. Sometimes they will need expert help, because it is even worse if we tease them. In extreme cases we can forward them to visit shrink, for own sake.
Hypersensitivity can’t be denied or ignored. Such kind of people feel too much, need too much and they need love in large doses. Their heart is bleeding always, no matter if you cut your finger by cutting nails or you slip on ice. This is such tragedy for them. Maybe someone can feel power to hug tightly such helpless girl. Soon, he will realize that million hugs are not enough.


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