How we stop our own progress?

Go forward, move on and don’t look back are words of courage. It looks so easy when you say it, but actions are something different. If you wish to get out from theory and make practical solutions, in your sleeve should be more than empty promises to yourself.

You could be the one of people who are frozen in one place. This kind of person wish to change life, but she can’t because something hold her back. It is not spell , this is just own attitude and some wrong perceptions about future.

This 5 obstacles are elements of personal sabotage:

You have low self confidence. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, how will others believe in you? For sure your basic words are I can’t or I am not able too.

You are surrounded with wrong people.

Believe it or not, if your friends don’t support your progress, if your parents or partner don’t believe in you, they are also cooperators in your self-sabotage. For example, you wish to lose weight. If they buy you chocolate and hamburgers, they are food donors.

Fear controls your life.

You are afraid of unknown areas, unknown people and hard situations? No wonder that you are still on the same place.

You play on safe cards, and risk is equal to death in your mind.

If you never take risk, if you must be sure 100% in everything what you do , your life is maybe spared of troubles but always the same.

You don’t want to get out from the past, because memories hold you back.

Nostalgia is dangerous element, because you think that it was better before, in the past. The truth is, you stuck in memories because you are not able to move on and open new door.

For sure you have friend, relatives or partner who will cry over own problems, but when you tell them advice, they will not listen or they will continue to complain because they made community with their pain. Unbelievable, but some people made agreement with their personal pain and they live in a way to cherish even bad memories, instead to move on further.

Imagine woman who get out from marriage where husband beaten her. Her face is still injured, but she will cry for her past times. Now she is alone, without man who will help her to pay bills or to fix some things in house, because she can’t do it by herself. She would jump on every his sign to rebuild this marriage. Cuts are painful part , but if you don’t take scissors, you will die slowly. 

Many factors will try to stop your progress, high forces, bad circumstances or wrong moment, but you should not do it this to yourself. Once when wind is behind your back, use this situation to walk faster. 


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