Are you in romance with narcissist?


Legend says about handsome guy Narcissus who was so focused on himself that he fall in love in his reflection in the lake. At the end he drown in attempt to show admiration to himself.

In cartoon Johnny Bravo is funny guy who talks only about himself. “Let’s talk about something different. About me.” That is man with muscles Johnny Bravo, who love himself more than anybody else.

For sure you will recognize Narcis in reality, because they are everywhere. Mary asked her best friend Lucy for an advice. Lucy told her: “Why can’t you be like me? I never had such problems, all guys are under my feet and even my teacher thinks i am sexy”.

What are characteristics of narcissist?


– big ego – this person is self centered and nobody else is important

– denial of other attitudes and ideas

– talking only about own problems, if you talk about other things, you will finish with his   problems

– lack of empathy

Self confidence is healthy, but vanity is very different. Person with high level of self respect knows own possibilities and her charm is to help others and value other opinions. Self centered person thinks only for own sake, even if that means hurting others.

So best friends of Narcissus are me, myself and I. Don’t try to compete with them, you are not good competitor. If your partner is such kind, don’t surprise if you are always on second place. First place is taken a long time ago by him.

Narcissus doesn’t need equal partner. He needs someone to clap hands and to be into his shadow as audience. You are happy because he chose you, because he is a king and you are his best servant. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t pay attention on your tears or anger. He has no time for this, because he is obsessed with himself. He is main actor in his own movie and role model for others. Everything what such partners do is example for others, because they know the best.

Relation with Narcissus  can last only if you accept to live in background , to forget own wishes and needs.

Some of such models will always be alone, because they can’t find someone who is enough good for them. Others will find victims and servants. The only kind of love which is acceptable for Narcissus is love toward himself. In this relation you will love for both and don’t expect nothing for return, because you won’t get it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Are you in romance with narcissist?

  1. Just had to lose a best friend due to this, treats his girlfriend like a cleaning lady and errand tool…refuses to admit wrong doing in any situation. Got his first real job and first place he had to pay rent at (age 32) and now acts like he is better than me…i worked since i was 14 and moved out at the age of 19, it’s just ridiculous the lengths people will go to overvalue their pride and ego

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