Where you find your inspirational sources?


What is motivating you to write? Every blogger has different source and various reason to write.

I see my inspiration as runaway train and i write the best when i am angry or joyful. There is no middle, i can’t tell that i am well balanced. I just wish to get rid of inner poison, frustrations and i can’t wait that things go better. Those lines sound as verdict but is hard to deal with something what is frozen inside.

Before i write next post, i will mention some of my motivational sources:

Burden from past. My childhood was labelled with bullying.

Broken friendships. I lost some friends during my soul travelling.

Broken relations. I skip over broken heart and try to heal it many times, it was my own surgeon.

Defiance. I wish to prove that i can get up every time when i fall down.

Adrenaline. There is something exciting in writing posts and waiting for opinions . On this way i can feel alive.


Every blogger has motivation, scarves, reasons and we are not ordinary people. We gather here to share our experiences, so be free to share your journey with me.



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