Experience – gift or burden?

Experience is gift with double meaning. We learn where we failed, and later this precious knowledge will be used as lesson. Also, experience is a burden and next time when we open new chapter, doubt is around us, as grey cloud on the sky.
Sometimes, we will get out as damaged toys from love relations. Love scar will be too deep and it will heal very slow. How to date with person who has broken heart, without opening old wounds?
These are things which happens in love relations, as side effects:
Cheating. Relation with infidelity is hard burden. Partner was cheating you, and your trust is broken. Next time, when your new partner will take a look on other woman, you will imagine them in bed.
Violence. Partner had hard fists? You fall on the scales, you hit on the door few times on month? If your new partner raise voice, you will think he will punch you.
Lies. Your ex partner was a liar. He lied about his job, family roots, even he maybe had double life. Your relation was an illusion, so now you are checking twice everything what new partner will do or say.
Death. You lose your partner because of serious illness or by accident? Fear of losing will be present in new relation.
Irresponsibility. Your partner did not want to work , he lost job or he even secretly stealing your money? Now your credit card will be under lock. 
During life we met various people. This is lottery, we can’t choose who will enter in our life, but we can learn how to deal next time if something is suspicious to us. As much experience learn us, also this is an obstacle. Will you turn into hopeless person because something in your life went wrong? How to open heart to new people , how to give them chance?
Inexperienced people have easier way. They are not busy by life lessons. First love is naive, clean, pure, without doubts and expectations, without tales from ex relations. Love is a race, and we start from different positions. Man without experience is outsider. He is not aware what will be in the corner. Woman with experience is careful, she wear double glasses.
Experience can’t close new door, we can’t let it to blew new opportunities. Show that you are different, through jokes, tenderness and softness. Show patience, but don’t let your distrustful partner to make you as victim. You don’t have to pay debts of ex partner. That must be bury deep into past.

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