Why some women need alert to chill out from guys?

2014 - 1

Popular man will capture much attention. Many women will try to catch him , on various ways. If you are famous model, i believe that is not easy for you. Probably, you got tired from women because they are on every corner and waiting for you. Leonardo di Caprio once made love with 3 women in the same day, he did not want to reject their offer. When you are guy who jumps out from the crowd, when everybody wants to touch you , it must be exhausting. Even worse, you will try to find ways how to get rid of boring women.

You don’t have to be famous to be in the center of attention. Some guys have charisma, and women will stalk especially them. That is in women psychology, they want guy who belong to someone else, who had many relations and adventures, and who is popular. It doesn’t mean why this guy is popular. This could be his sexy look, intelligence, money or originality. He is simply different than others, as golden bracelet from the bunch of stones.

I understand that such guy will not have an easy life. He wish to reject women, but his manners will not let him, and they will use this as their advantage.

Randy was target in woman world. Boss of private company, handsome and unmarried. His phone was ringing all the time, his colleagues wanted to sleep with him, even his business partners. He was in uncomfortable situation when one project failed because he rejected to have sex with woman who was in charge for this. She set him up when she get out from his office with ripped blouse. He had much problems when she accused him for rape. Lucky, he hired good lawyer and he solved this problem without court.

Guys will be in more uncomfortable situation than girls when it comes time to reject some women. She could be your best friend, and how you will avoid to hurt her? She could be your supervisor, so you can lose job. Also, she could be sister of your best buddy and you will have problems because he will trust to her.


What is cold shower strategy and how to persuade women to chill out from you?

Recognize signs. If she ask any excuse to talk with you all the time, she is into you already. Your phone constantly rings and her number is always on screen, so she wants to be your shadow. Don’t answer on every call or message. You need to make a distance.

Be official, but not rude. You have no time, you are busy. This could tell her that you are not interested.

Use short words or messages, as no, sorry or thanks, i don’t want. Long explanations will lead into conflicts and you don’t need this.

If she tries to touch you or seduce you, tell her that this is unacceptable and that you feel disturbed. You see friend in her, but nothing more.

Talk about other women in her presence. Ask for her friends, sister or cousins. That should chill her out, nobody likes competition.

Be clear. Don’t use games, because she can wrongly understand your signs.

If woman is normal and healthy, she will understand that she has no chance. If she is stalker or insane, you are in trouble, but it is not unsolved problem. I read about girl who called his ex boyfriend over 10 000 times , so he notified police. That is criminal act and law will deal with this.

As much women are on target of stalkers and maniac, men are also not spared of craziness. Rejection is hard and it breaks hearts. In this situation is very important to have cold mind and nice manners. Don’t yell as savage man, don’t swear and don’t use fists. There is no need to insult woman because she crushed into you. It happens, Cupid is not always fair. Sometimes, you will be crazy in love, and your choice will be person who is not interested at all. It could be also opposite, that you don’t like person who wants to date with you.

Rejection is not against good manners, this is just an attitude that you have right to choose. You want your space for someone else, and others should be notified. Also, on that way you will get good points from other women, because you are guy with standards and principles. You know how to say no, and you don’t date with women due to wrong reasons.


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