How to survive as a weirdo?


Some people were born to act accord social rules. As they have drafts what to say or to do in particular situations. “He knows to behave” or ” She is well educated” are just some of the descriptions. When you fit in, you are safe from gossips and your circle of friends is big. Or, you just think on this way? If you are clumsy and simply stand out from usual patterns, you will have a problem to be part of society, but your failures will help you to be more original.
Did you feel that you are part of the wrong movie? Your personal twilight zone doesn’t have to be your disaster. For example, if you stuck with female friends who know all about baking cakes, and you wish to disappear, it doesn’t mean that you are a shame for woman species. I personally felt much better when I was drinking beer and watching football match Croatia – Mexico with my husband and male friends when we all had so much fun even result was not good for us. I did not see myself with women who trade recipes for domestic cookies.  Probably I would yawn from boredom.
When can you be sure that you are different?
When everyone has something to say in the group, and you don’t have an opinion or you get bored.
When you feel that nobody listen to your suggestions.
When others start to whisper and gossip about you, and you feel uncomfortable.
When you say something that makes others wonder.
One interesting fact is: woman outsider has harder way than an outsider. A different guy is sexy and cool, but rebellious, strange woman is a danger. She scares men. She could be a victim of bullying. Also, she could be declared as a target for sex because her mind is opened. It is not the rarity that guys like to have sex with freaky women. She might know different things in bed, and she doesn’t run away from exploring.
How you will play in this wrong movie, it depends on your character. Will you back up because all are against you, or you will walk in front of this crowd?
Some tips in this case:
Smile if crowd start to mock you. A smile is a sign of self-confidence.
Reply them in a cool way. Don’t make your voice tremble. 
Don’t try to persuade others that you are not different than them. This is your protecting brand. If you listen heavy metal, and they are listening to pop, it doesn’t make you a bad person. You are not a satanic person with horns.
Say what you think even this is opposite from majority. Yet they stare at you.
Weirdos are more intelligent people and they have keys to freedom. If your clothes are different, if your accent is funny, if you eat vegan foods and everyone around you eat meat, you don’t have to be ashamed because of this. One my friend came in continental part of Croatia, and she was from Dalmatia. Her accent was different but she was talking loud and with a smile, even people looked at her as she is an alien. Be proud of your roots no matter from where are you from, who are your parents and who is your partner. That is the only way that you play the main role in this wrong movie, and this is not the role of social clown.

3 thoughts on “How to survive as a weirdo?

  1. In school I was considered as weirdo. I was bullied once in a while, but I thank my luck that not so often and so cruelly as kids sometimes do, because it is horrible and can destroy one’s self-confidence totally. But I was different and I feel I’m still is. Even if I’m with my family I feel that I don’t fit in completely. Among strangers I feel often that I’m socialy handicapped. Luckily I don’t like people a lot, so it doesn’t bother me much. People sometimes say I’m weird, but I think that they are. 😀

    The best survival kit for weirdos contains headphones, sunglasses and great book. 😉

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