Are you a woman of his dreams?

Imaginations, dreams, and fantasies are typical for women. We like to walk in the clouds and fly with our imaginary wings. Even men are mostly realistic and firmly on the ground, you would be surprised when you find their weak spot. Your man is also the sensitive creature in some way, and in his life dream about women which you never should touch.
Man will not easily fall in love, especially if his target is the woman for serious relation. But once when the man falls in love, he will keep footprints in his heart, even that woman left him.
Which kind of woman will label his life?
His mother. Many men dream about the woman who will be the embodiment of his mother. The connection between man and his mother is often topic for movies, where a bad guy is afraid of his mother, even he is master of every woman in his life.
His best friend. If he had or he still has a woman as the best friend, she is as his sister and you must be careful with her. Especially if she decided to catch him as the lover.
His first lover. The first woman in his life when he lost virginity is his pattern. He will measure others accord her, or at least she will stay in his memory as the icebreaker.
The woman from his youth who never wanted to date with him. It is possible that your man had unfilled desires for the woman who was unavailable for him. He will also have the place in his book of love.
Fatal ex-girlfriend. Maybe your man had the long-lasting relationship with the woman who left him or their love broke because of unhappy circumstances. If he decided to marry you, his fatal ex-girlfriend will be someone which you don’t want as a subject of your conversation.
Kelly is kind of person who will do everything for his man. She is his right hand and his lover. She adores her husband Howard. He also loves her, but when his ex-lover came to their city, he was lost. The best part of this story is, his ex-love Charlene never loved Howard truly. She was just playing with him, but she was his first girlfriend, in the period when he was inexperienced and immature, and he was her toy.
That day Charlene invited Howard to her birthday party, together with Kelly. Howard danced with Charlene and Kelly was in the corner, as the intruder. She did not say a word, and she was silent even when Howard asked her where is a problem. Later, he felt sorry for his actions. Kelly simply did not want to fight against the ghost. Charlene left the city for two days and they never talked about her again.
When one woman takes a place in man’s heart, she became legend. That is battle with the windmill. You can’t hurt her because she is not in his life anymore, and even if she is, she will deny deeper feelings for your man. She will say that she is his friend. His mother will say that she has no influence on his son.
His ex will say that you are ridiculous. That women are just role models and you need to make changes in his heart, to introduce yourself in areas where you are good, and they had no idea about this. If you are sensitive, and they were cold and on distance, you will melt his heart. You will be woman of his dreams, because you can touch him and make his life magical, in a way she never would.

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