All shades of jealousy


That sting will pinch you right into your heart. Your beloved partner is staring at another woman, and she is young, sexy and stunning. How do you feel? You wish to slap him or to make her vanish? Simply, you will swallow this bitterness or you will make a fight with him?

No matter how calm person is, it is hard to avoid jealousy. How does it happen? Jealousy is made of fear and envy. We afraid to lose our partner because of another person and then we feel envy toward our competition. Other followers of jealousy are insecurity, rage, and anger. How much you did for him and he is acting like this? What will happen now, my relation is on the insecure ground?

Jealousy might be spice to your relationship if you use it properly. When a couple is in long relation or in marriage, routine and boredom will attack your harmony and a small dose of jealousy will help. It is good to remind your partner from time to time that you are still desirable, that other men are looking for you and you can return a smile to a handsome stranger. Sometimes it helps, when our partner has a chance to see things with other eyes. 

Lisa and Brad were married about 10 years. Their sexual life had a pattern, once in two weeks, when both found enough time between daily obligations and their work. They both chilled out. Lisa was still attractive but Brad did not notice her new skirt, a new haircut or new underwear. One day Lisa met in the street her old friend from school days, handsome guy Timothy. She invited him to lunch at her home. While she was washing the dishes, Timothy said to Brad: “You are a lucky man, I tried with Lisa before many years, but she was always looking a friend to me. ” That words made Brad think when he was the last time that he imagined his wife as desirable? In this case, Timothy helped without knowing.

A small dose of jealousy is spicy, but a large amount is a poison. Imagine that you are with man or woman who will complain every day because you talked with someone on the street because you have friends at work or you use social networks? This burden will be too heavy for you. In extreme cases, it will cause the end of your relationship.

We can make difference in jealousy,f we compare that feeling in colors.

These are some shades of jealousy.

White area. 

Your partner will not complain about your friends, he will allow you to drink coffee with them, to make lunch, even to make an innocent flirt with a smile and sweet words. Here, kiss in cheek is the limit. So, your partner is not jealous, and maybe you want to make him jealous more?

Grey area. 

Your partner will be angry if you talk on the phone with your friend from childhood, he will complain that you are too close to him. Also, why your male boss call you even in free time? You will try to explain that guys are harmless.

Blue area. 

Your guy will make conflict with other guys. Someone slap you in the butt until you were passing? Did someone say nasty words to you? This is men pride, so it is not nice to comment on their girls. How would you feel that someone say to your girlfriend how hot is she, in front of you? Still, you can avoid a fight with ignorance or good joke as “to pity she is not your girlfriend.” In women case, only idiot women will slap butt of a guy who is in company with another girl. That is a filthy sign of despair. 

Red area

Your partner will make the fight, without explanation. Your phone will be destroyed, your internet will not work and he will forbid you to talk with other guys, even with threats. Watch out, this is sick and paranoid. When you are into red area, a runaway from there quick until you have whole teeth.

Sometimes, jealousy will be funny. You will enjoy teasing your partner because of his insecurity. This might be also your internal joke, how to make each other jealous. You can create limits. In another way, if you don’t respect wishes of your partner, if you have secret toward him and you are not cooperating, jealousy is not funny anymore. Secrets are followers of jealousy. You know how far you can go. He trusts you and he let you drink coffee with this guy, but don’t kiss him because you are crossing the limits. The same with women, if your woman trusts you, don’t make her regret.

Jealousy is desirable spice until you increase the dose. In that case, jealousy is poison and her victims are random, she is not selective and she has no mercy.


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