The despair is the unattractive feeling

When I visit a nightclub in my city, I see always two guys in the corner. One is drinking juice, I suppose he is the driver. Other is drinking wine or beer. They change roles with time, so the one who drives took a shorter straw because night will be more boring without alcohol. Another guy will be drunk so he will pretend that he enjoyed. The truth is, they are loners by years and they can’t find a girlfriend. The amazing thing in my city is that some things never changed. The same loners still stayed single, and taken girls are taken or divorced and taken again. This is like shopping when customers are the same and with same habits. Rich buyers will buy expensive things, and poor will just watch and leave.
That two guys are not handsome men. This is not the point of their story. They are single because they never tried to find the girl. Their faces are grumpy as before judgment day, so which girl would like to drink beer with them?
People believe that they can’t find a partner because they are ugly, poor, stupid or not popular. The truth is, they can’t find soulmate because their expression of face, acts and speech work against them.
Can you recognize yourself as a desperate person?
This is your speech when you meet someone:
Hi, you are gorgeous, I never saw so beautiful woman. I am a good guy, I live with my mother and I help her in everything. I will call you right on time. Hey, why did not you answer my message? I saw you last weekend with friends, but you told me that you are going with grandma in the park? Why you lied to me? Why you hurt me? “
Key of attraction lay in mystery.
I always fall in love with the same type of guy, even they looked different, but it was a connection between them. I was chasing a mysterious guy who did not answer my call and messages and who suddenly appears when I did not expect him. I was in love in a guy who did not confirm every my word because he had own attitude, but he was enough polite to discuss with me, not to tells me what I need to do.
If you are a desperate woman, your date will look like this. You will dress in short skirt and shirt with decolletage, your makeup will be stolen in the circus, and your feet will pain because of high heels. You will drink a lot just to kill your potential shame and inhibitions. You will allow a guy to touch you where he wishes, to drive you in some dark corner to get sex. He will not call you and you will call him and talk to his mother why he did not call you back. At least, you will see him with another girl in a coffee bar, and he will call you to meet with him again when nobody is looking.
Girls in short relations will say that they had many experiences because they changed guys every weekend. This is not true because they are all the time at the beginning of the story. They don’t know how respect works, what does it mean when a guy cares for you when you have flu, and how is to eat untasty food with him and smile because you can’t digest it. How is to cook when you have no idea and your partner doesn’t complain, he is willing to help you to learn better.
Eyes of despair are worst than blindness. That eyes are looking in the wrong direction. From that road, you will see always the same team of people who are here to use you.
You are not desperate anymore when:
You don’t call partner after he stopped calling you.
You don’t beg partner to came back after he left you.
You don’t want to strangle his present girlfriend.
You don’t want to kill your friend because she is talking with your ex.
Words “I must find a boyfriend”, “I will die” and “I am ugly ” are not in your dictionary anymore.
Despair is a flood. You are desperate when you are alone, this despair will pick the wrong partner for you, then you will cry in bad relationships and you will cry again when it will be over. If you are looking partner when you are lonely, this is the wrong reason, because nobody can’t be with you all the time. You will blame that person when she will be busy that you feel even worse.
Guys from the beginning of the story are still alone, but they have each other. They are not aware that they have something, but they ignore that because this is not what they are looking for. Once when and if they find a girlfriend, they will be jealous of each other if one stays single. That will be the girl who separated them.

3 thoughts on “The despair is the unattractive feeling

  1. The law of attraction is a weird thing…it seems that the less i try to be friendly or flirt with women, the more attention they pay to me. Many women in my country are targeted by “Emotional Vultures” (men who pretend to be their friends but only in it for the possibility of sex).
    My platonic girlfriend (i have 2 currently, this one is just a friend without any benefits) dated a guy my age recently who had 6 kids with 4 different women…At 32, i don’t have any children and hearing about this guy desperately cling from woman to woman kind of makes you realize where fear of loneliness can take you.

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